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Browse Furniture  Depending on Cat's Size

Your cat’s size is probably not of great importance for you, because you will always love it the way it is. However, the size is very important when choosing a cat furniture, because it should provide enough space for your cat or kitty’s body. Why? Think about that from a human point of view. If you are 6 feet tall, would you feel comfortable to lie and sleep on a 5-feet-long bed? Certainly not! Cats will not feel comfortable either if you provide them with furniture that has small perches or platforms so that parts of their body (head or back legs) just stick out when they lounge or sleep.

So, before you start searching for furniture for your beloved pet the first thing you should do is to measure how long your cat is from the nose to the root of its tail. Then make sure that the length and width of the components like perches, platforms, beds or condos are large enough for her body.

To make your searching more easily we have divided the items we offer in three categories depending on this lenght:

- Furniture for small cats and kitties – Cats body length up to 13 inches;
- Furniture for medium cats – Body length from 13” to 19”;
- Furniture for large cats – Body length over 19”;