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Why Sisal Posts are So Important for Cats

Sisal Cat Scratching Post

The sisal rope is a 100% natural product made from leaves of the sisalplant and is often used on cat furniture. It is beneficial to the health of the cat’s claws and it is more durable than carpet. Cats just love its smell.

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Cedar Cat Houses, Outdoor Pet Houses & Dog Houses

This is our selection of pet houses. The cedar houses with insulation are great abodes for cats, tomcats and even small dogs and help keep them warm in cold weather. The stable and cellular structure of wood allows outdoor cat houses and dog houses to withstand humidity and extreme temperatures. You should know your pets deserve a house of their own as the people do.

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Big Cat House with Roof-Top Balcony
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Extra Large Outdoor Cat House
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Insulated Cedar Cat House
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Large Outdoor Cat House
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Biggest Cat House
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Cedar Outdoor Cat House - Ice Cream
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Outdoor Cedar Pet Feeding Stations
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Fleece Kitty Sleephouse
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Fleece Thermo Kitty Sleephouse
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World Largest Cat House
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Cedar Dog House Outdoor - The Barn
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Large Dog House - The Mansion
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