High Quality Outside Cat House

High Quality Outside Cat House
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Designed to provide an outside shelter for the cats, this wooden outside cat house has a door in the front and back walls and a Plexiglas window in each side wall. The inside is roomy enough for cats to move around, but small enough to let their body heat warm the space. Appropriate sized door (5 1/2" W x 7 1/2" H), allows cats to come and go, but keep the big dogs out of the cat house. Most cat beds will fit inside the cat house. Premium house grade siding material is used. Features a large roof lounging deck for your pet to nap on sunny days. The roof is flat and held in place with bungee cords looped under the side window awning and is easily removed for inside access. Your pet will enjoy the cozy and secure house when the wind and weather is blowing. Fleece blanket included. A plexiglas door cover provides for covering one of the door openings if desired.

Interior: L - 21”; W - 15”; H - 14”
Exterior: L - 22”; W - 20”; H - 15”
Weight: 34 lbs

  • Cladwood is used for all panels of this pet house. The cladwood is a unique exterior wood material laminated with recycled newspaper. The cladwood material has proven itself superior to all other similar products. The color of the outside cat house is dark grey. The opposite side has a smooth cover of the same material offering a finished, sealed and easy to clean surface.
  • Foundation pads allow air flow and vapor space beneath floor.
  • Exterior surfaces of the cat house are painted and sealed for easy cleaning.
  • Adhesive and nails are used to secure all components for maximum strength.
  • No hand painted details are included.
  • No assembly required.

Availability:This house has been discontinued. Check the other outside cat houses that are available.

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Reviewed by pridejoy
03/15/2014 - 11:59:29 AM
Quality cat house
I am impressed with the quality workmanship and believe this product will last many years for the enjoyment of my two cats, Pride and Joy. Thank You. I recommend the company to anyone!!!