Cedar Cat Scratching Post - Style 3

Cedar Cat Scratching Post - Style 3
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This cat post is made from two pieces of solid wood and will keep your cats amused for hours. It features a ping pong ball that the cats will try to get out from the hole, but the ball will not go out because it is bigger than the opening. It will allow your cats dig their claws into in as well. The scratching post is hand sanded so you do not have to worry about your cats claws.

  • Size: approx. 21" L x 8"W x 22" H
  • Material: aromatic red cedar wood
  • The scratching post you will receive will have the same style and measurements, but may look a little different, because it is handmade by a craftsman and there are no two same pieces.
  • The post is built while the wood is still green, so small cracks may appear over time but it will work in the same way as before.
  • Note: You must use the cat post indoor only. You do not have to place it in areas where it may get wet.

This post has been discontinued. All available cat posts we offer can be seen here.

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