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Why Sisal Posts are So Important for Cats

Sisal Cat Scratching Post

The sisal rope is a 100% natural product made from leaves of the sisalplant and is often used on cat furniture. It is beneficial to the health of the cat’s claws and it is more durable than carpet. Cats just love its smell.

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Climbing Cat Wall Shelves Furniture

New line of wall mounted cat furniture. They are for households with limited floor space and are perfect for any sunny spot below a high window or above a doorway. The wall furniture are sold separately or in packages as shown below. With the packages they come with reduced shipping fee, but you can make your own wall climbing system depending on your decor and preferences. Your own cat climbing system may come with different number and type of the parts than included in our packages. For example you may need five 32” shelves and a hanging cradle or just two cradles plus two 16” shelves. In this case you may check prices of each part and ask us about shipping fee of all these parts to your address. Just write to and let us know which parts you need and your address as well. Let your imagination run wild until you make the best wall cat furniture for your pet.
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