Need the Best Cat Furniture for Your Cat? Learn How to Select It

Suggestion on How to Select the Best Furniture or Tree for Your CatWhen you start looking for cat furniture you will find there are plenty of models on pet market nowadays. The selection is so large and sometimes confusing, and you should consider the needs of your cat and have to make choice based on quality and price of the product. Learn how to select the right furniture for kitty considering her personality, body size and difference in constructions and material used with items [...]


How to Make Cat Scratch the Scratching Post

teach cat to scratch her scratching postInstead of punish your cat for following her natural instincts to scratch, understand first why she is scratching and provide her with an alternative like a post for sharpening of claws and stretching arms. But, if your furry friend does not use the scratcher you provided, then it may need some help to choose the post instead of the new couch or table legs. Check some ideas how to establish good scratching habits in your feline [...]


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