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Big Heated Cat House for Multiple Feral or Outdoor Cats

Big Heated Cat House for Multiple Feral or Outdoor Cats
Insulation on walls, under roof and floor
Waterproof Roof
Extender Roof
Big Heated Cat House for Multiple Feral or Outdoor Cats
Made to Order
Big Heated Cat House for Multiple Feral or Outdoor Cats
Insulation on walls, under roof and floor
Waterproof Roof
Extender Roof
Big Heated Cat House for Multiple Feral or Outdoor Cats
Big Heated Cat House for Multiple Feral or Outdoor Cats

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What could be finer than a kitty duplex in the great outdoors? Your outdoor felines or near living feral kitties will be thrilled with this big heated cat house with two doors, so they can survey their domain in style! The interior gives them a cozy, cave experience, with insulation on walls, ceiling, and floor, and keeps them warm in winter, and cool in summer weather! The house comes with an optional hard/heated pad and assembles in about 30 minutes, using easy-to-follow instructions, so your pets can move in immediately and enjoy their retreat! It is specially designed for multiple cat parents because it can accommodate 2-3 cats at once. If you think it looks good in the picture...wait until you see it in your backyard!

House Size: 19"W x 34"D x 20"H.
House Floor Interior: 28" x 14".
Door Openings: 6"W x 8"H.

Features & Benefits

  • WATERPROOF ROOF: It is made of plywood then covered in waterproof felt paper and then western cedar siding over that.
  • CEDAR WOOD CONSTRUCTION: Cedar is the best choice for outdoor houses; it’s insect and weather-resistant and long-lasting!
  • ROOMY DUPLEX DESIGN: Two-door design allows two cats to lounge in doorways, or creates a roomy interior for 2 cats or 1 small dog!
  • INSULATED INTERIOR: Thermal-Ply insulation is placed inside walls, under the floor and ceiling to keep your pet warm in winter and cool in the summer!
  • FAST ASSEMBLY: Put the duplex house together in about 30 minutes, using easy-to-follow instructions and a battery-powered screwdriver.
  • OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Customize your pet’s home with an EXTENDED ROOF, thermostatically-controlled HARD/HEATING PAD,  VINYL DOOR FLAP, and an EXTRA (BACK) DOOR.
  • The roof can be easily removed by taking out a couple of screws.
  • WEIGHT: 35 lbs
  • Free Shipping to Continental US and Canada
  • Quality wooden house for multiple feral or outdoor cats and will last for years


Optional Features: 

Hard Heating Pad

Hard/Heating Pad: It is the safest, most reliable, and energy-efficient method to provide your pet with a warm, comfortable environment during the coldest of winters. It is 9" x 12" and only burns 25 watts of power. The internal thermostat keeps the temperature at a desirable 102 degrees when in use. When you purchase a hard/heating pad with the house, we will prepare it for the electric cord.

Soft Heating Pad

Soft/Heating Pad: It works the same way as the hard/heating pad, but it is 14" x 18" and is made of a soft orthopedic foam base, and includes a soft washable fleece cover. It features a 5-½ feet steel wrapped cord and uses only 20 watts of power. When you purchase a soft/heating pad with the house, we will prepare it for the electric cord.

Extra Door

Extra (Escape) Door: Give your feline friend an extra exit in case predators come sniffing around. With the same dimensions as the front door, this door can be installed on the back wall, left wall, or right wall when facing the front door. 

Vinyl Door Flap

Vinyl Door Flap: Vinyl that is heavy enough to act as a barrier is used. The vinyl flaps are solid (not cut into strips) and secured on the inside from the top of the door frame by a Velcro strip.

Round Door Insert

Round Door Insert: If your cat likes to squeeze through holes in fences or find an isolated corner to curl up in, she may enjoy this round door style. The insert has a 6" round opening and may be easily removed if the cat is too big to fit through it or just does not like it.



Shipping: Ships from Canada via FedEx Ground. Transit time is 3-7 business days depending on where it is going.

Questions & Answers

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Is the wood of house treated in any way?
  • The wood is natural and not treated. Cedar does not have to be treated but it is OK if you want to paint or stain the house. If you want to treat the house then we recommend a Thompsons water seal.

How long is the cord on heated pad? Can an extension cord be used?

Want to place cat house on the patio that has a cover but the outlet is about 9 feet away. Can the cord on the heating pad be plugged safely into an extension cord?

  • The cord of the heated pad is about 60" and you can use an extension cord if it is needed. There are weatherproof extension cords for outdoor use as this one

Electric heating pad or straw?

Hi, I am going to purchase the larger cat house but am not sure if I should purchase the heating pad also. Can I use an electric pad with a straw bedding? I don't want a fire but our winters are VERY cold and want kitties to be as warm as possible.

Rosemarie Frey
  • Straw, hay, and wood shavings are all very combustible materials and we would never advise using any of those materials in conjunction with any type of heated product. You should not place any of these materials on top of the heating pads.

is the extended roof in the front of the duplex house or the side?
Diane Lymberopoulos
  • The extended roof is in front only. 

I would like it put on a platform can you do this?
  • Unfortunately, platform is not available for this cat house.
Where do u put the food

I need to k off the ground but wher do I put the food

Number of Doors
The picture shows 2 entry doors. Does it come with 2 doors or 1?
  • This cat house comes with 2 doors, but you can add two more on the back wall.
Hole for electric cord

Would it be possible to have this prepared to accept an electric heating pad cord without ordering the heating pad? (I already have a heating pad from the house that I am replacing this with.) If so, how do I indicate this with my order? Thanks!

  • We can make a hole for the electric cord of your own heating pad. It will be an extra $14.00. Please write in the comments section at checkout that you need a hole and we will send you an invoice for the extra fee.

Would you give me more details about your Thermal-Ply insulation? What does it include?
  • The insulation is about a half inch thick and has a foil on one side. We place it in the floor, walls and ceiling. It is sealed in with caulking. 
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