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Petrov Petar 03 Oct2019 9 15464
Fluffy and beautiful Ragdoll cats are one of the most affectionate breeds. These large and friendly felines get their name from the way they typical..
Bolova Viva 11 Jun2020 18 14910
Helping your new cat adjust can be difficult. This is why we have prepared a thorough guide, which will help you both adapt. Before we dive in, here i..
Petrov Petar 25 Dec2019 28 14721
The cat population in America is about 94 million, and anyone who has a cat at home that stains and odors from cat urine can be a problem. Cat urine t..
Bolova Viva 13 May2022 33 14500
Did you know that cats use scratching as a form of communication? Scratching sends a message to other cats by leaving visual signs and scents, which..
Petrov Petar 30 Apr2021 11 13631
As robust as their independent personalities seem to be, our furry little friends do not like change. Having a haircut or a trim can leave them feelin..
Bolova Viva 02 Jun2020 34 13563
A cat that is loyal, smart, and eager to learn tricks – that’s the Bengal. However, before getting a Bengal kitty, you must understand that this bree..
Bolova Viva 20 Dec2018 21 11040
Deciding whether to declaw your cat may be one of the most important choices you make as a cat owner. And, for many feline lovers, it’s a thorny issue..
Bolova Viva 04 Oct2019 0 10999
Halloween is a great holiday, but it can also become a cause for anxiety or health problems when it comes to pets. So skip the stress and keep your ..
Petrov Petar 29 Nov2018 12 9992
In recent years one of the cats attracting people's attention in Turkey or the world is a Van cat. Inquisitive and social, the Turkish Van is an excel..
Petrov Petar 28 Jul2018 18 8135
Plants surround most of us. They add the needed finishing touches to any decor. However, a small percentage of these plants have the potential to ca..
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