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Carpet Wooden Cat Furniture for Large Cats

Carpet Wooden Cat Furniture for Large Cats
Solid wood posts
High-grade carpet
Natural sisal rope
Cat Furniture for Large Cats - Color Options
Carpet Wooden Cat Furniture for Large Cats
Solid wood posts
High-grade carpet
Natural sisal rope
Cat Furniture for Large Cats - Color Options
Carpet Wooden Cat Furniture for Large Cats

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This adorable wooden cat furniture has all four corners covered! Designed for larger cats, the four-post tower features two sleep beds on two separate levels for kitty to share or to keep all for themselves. Each solid wooden post gives your cat (or cats) a reason to enjoy this practical piece. One post is covered in sisal rope, which felines love to scratch on for claw management and to get out a little aggression when needed. The other three poles are covered in thick carpet that can also be scratched and also works great for some soothing head rubs.

The 34" tall carpet cat furniture stands on a sturdy 24" square base, a perfect size for nearly any room in the home. There's an 18" penthouse bed with a roomy 15" interior large cats will love, plus a lower 14" bunk with a 12" interior space for days when kitty wants to stay grounded. Built to last, this carpet wooden cat furniture features solid wood poles for extra durability, as well as premium quality Plywood boards that hold up to the biggest romping feline. Best of all, thanks to the sisal rope and tempting carpet material, this tower will help keep your cat from scratching up your own furniture!

Features & Benefits

  • Size: 24"W x 24"L x 34"H
  • Plywood boards and solid wood legs are used in the construction
  • Thick and soft carpet (40 oz. or better)
  • Large 24"x24" base to prevent tipping over
  • Four carpet colors available
  • Three of the posts are covered with carpet, one with durable natural sisal rope
  • Upper tray is 18" (exterior) x 15" (interior). It is enough for large cats to sleep in
  • Lower tray is 14" (exterior) x 12" (interior)
  • Very sturdy wooden furniture for your cats to play and sleep
  • No assembly required. Handmade in the USA


Shipping: Ships via FedEx Ground. Check the FedEx Ground Transit Map to see the actual transit time (in business days) to your state once your order has been shipped.

Questions & Answers

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Is it possible to get a similar cat tree 50" high and with a top shelf with 18-19" interior?
Do you ever offer White or off white carpet

Would be great if I could order white carpet, as it would more easily blend with the wall colors.

Patty Lundberg
  • Unfortunately, we don’t have anything white and try to stay away from it as it gets dirty fairly quickly.

Can ALL 4 legs be carpet only

Cats don’t the rope. Can all legs be carpet? When choosing the options, if I select carpet on the drop down menu, does this do it? Or, do I have to call in a special order?

Patty Lundberg
  • We can make this cat furniture with 4 carpet legs. You should choose "Carpet Legs" from the drop-down menu "Sisal Rope"

How much extra would it be for an extra sisal leg so there would be 2??
Jeanne Blout
  • One extra sisal post would be an extra $28.00.

Sisal on legs

How many legs have sisal. I noticed in one photo it appears to have 2 legs and another photo only 1.

Tena Gardiner
  • This carpet cat furniture comes with one sisal leg only but you may order more sisal for extra fee.
How much does it weigh
  • It is about 44 lbs.

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