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Cat Beds

Like the big cats in the wild, our kitties seek places that feel warm, safe, comfy and quiet. Cat parents can help them find that by offering a cat bed.

Cat beds come in many shapes and sizes: Some beds are cave-like or hooded – ideal for cats that seek privacy – while others provide an easy way in and a good view. Heated beds offer comfort for older, arthritic cats, while sack beds are a good choice for cats that like to sleep under the covers. Either way, sleep is vital to cats, so offering multiple sleeping spots is good for your pet's health. A bed could also be an important addition if you have multiple cats because it adds to the house's territory, so it will give each pet another area to call its own.

The best way to get your pet to use the new bed is to put it at a spot that’s already designated as a napping corner. Additionally, you can try placing the bed at a sunny spot or elevate it to a favorite location since many cats enjoy slumbering up high.

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