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Cat Scratchers & Scratching Posts

Sisal and carpet cat scratching posts and cardboard cat scratchers that will keep your indoor kitty fit and your sofa intact. After all, the benefit of having scratching furniture for cats is that it keeps them away from your home furniture.

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Cats scratch for many reasons: to mark their territory, to keep joints and muscles healthy, to get rid of their claws’ outer layers, and to show excitement. Scratching is normal, instinctive behavior, and destructive feline scratching can be corrected. This can be done not by discouraging scratching but by directing it to specific objects instead.

This is why we offer various scratching options – from sisal rope to corrugated paper and carpet. Most of them are made with solid wood poles and feature sturdy bases to ensure stability.

Different cats have different scratching preferences, so if you are unsure what your cat likes, get a design that offers a couple of options. It’s a good idea to place the scratching post next to your cat’s favorite napping place – cats scratch multiple times a day, but they almost always do it when they wake up.

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