Cat Trees & Condos

Cat Trees & Condos

Climbing is a second nature to cats after scratching, and we cannot expect our pets will just stop climb on home furniture and drapes, but we can provide them with a place to do that. A cat furniture like tree, tower or condo would be very useful if you have enough space in your home. Your cats can use them for scratching, climbing, for resting or just sleeping on the platforms and perches. These kind of cat furniture are items from essential to items of luxury, which will allow the cat owners to pamper their cats and treat them like kings.

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Modular Elegant Kitty Furniture

Suitable for one or two small cats or kitties, this furniture will be loved..

$109.95 Ex Tax: $109.95

Multi-level Fabric Cat Climbing Tower

Amazing cat climbing tower with so many levels for cats to explore designed..

$194.95 Ex Tax: $194.95

Natural Cat Tower with Cubby and Condo

Standing 64 inches tall, this multi-level tower will be every cat favorite ..

$265.95 Ex Tax: $265.95

Play Kitty Tower with Hammock

Wow - incredible eight-level kitty tower that offers our unique feature - c..

$129.95 Ex Tax: $129.95

Plush Cat Tree Bungalow in Gray

Standing 43 inches high, this cat activity center offers endless fun for ac..

$119.95 Ex Tax: $119.95

Plush Tower for Active Cats

If you have very active cats in your home that climb on curtains, then this..

$105.95 Ex Tax: $105.95

Scratch Tower with Cat Hammock

This cat tower is made with only sisal posts for your cats to scratch, beca..

$149.95 Ex Tax: $149.95

Sisal Cat Clawing Furniture with Platform

This is a 20" high USA hand made furniture with a sisal post for cats to di..

$93.95 Ex Tax: $93.95

Sisal Cat Tree with Hammock

Put this great looking tree next to your sofa while reading or enjoying som..

$109.95 Ex Tax: $109.95

Small Cat Perch with Hanging Balls

This cat perch is a new piece of furniture designed for smaller areas and s..

$72.95 Ex Tax: $72.95

Stable Cat Gym Scratching

This scratching cat furniture is one of our best-selling items with no comp..

$125.95 Ex Tax: $125.95

Stylish Contemporary Cat Tree with Step Design Sold Out

Stylish Contemporary Cat Tree with Step Design

Cat trees need to offer a variety of levels and heights to match the differ..

$533.95 Ex Tax: $533.95

Two-Story Large Cat Condo

The concept of this condo represents cats' playful and secretive nature. Th..

$154.95 Ex Tax: $154.95

Unique Kitty Cat Tree with Cradle

Jump! Climb! Scratch! Play! That is what your cats will do when they see th..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

Window Cat Perch with Condo

If you do not have enough place for a big cat tree or tower, this window si..

$66.95 Ex Tax: $66.95

Wood Cat Condo with Large Perches

If your cat uses some room to roam or if she is just plain bored with her t..

$216.95 Ex Tax: $216.95

Woven Cat Furniture House with Lookout Space Sold Out

Woven Cat Furniture House with Lookout Space

A natural, apple shaped furniture house that is a perfect place for cats to..

$89.95 Ex Tax: $89.95

Woven Modern Cat Condo with Lounging Basket

This modern condo-perch is designed in apple shape to create an attractive ..

$149.95 Ex Tax: $149.95

3 Tier Hardwood Cat Tree with Scratcher

This is a high-quality hardwood cat tree that will look like your home furn..

$419.95 Ex Tax: $419.95

3-Level Sisal Cat Climber

Give your cats the chance to play and have fun to their fill with this amaz..

$115.95 Ex Tax: $115.95

4 Tier Hardwood Cat Tower with Scratcher

This is a high-grade cat tower made with cats in mind. It features four lev..

$488.95 Ex Tax: $488.95

78" Indoor Cat Tower Tree

This is one of the best cat towers we offer and we can bet your cats will j..

$148.95 Ex Tax: $148.95

80" Cat Condo Tree

Large and sturdy cat condo tree that would be a perfect solution for cat-ho..

$169.95 Ex Tax: $169.95

Attractive Cat Tree with Hammock for Feline Climbers -14% Sold Out

Attractive Cat Tree with Hammock for Feline Climbers

This 67 inches tall tree is sure to provide an excellent playground for all..

$139.95 $119.91 Ex Tax: $119.91

Big Cat Tower with Two Condos

At over 5 foot tall, this big cat tower is sure to provide hours of fun for..

$163.95 Ex Tax: $163.95

Carpet Wooden Cat Furniture for Large Cats

Every large cat needs a wooden furniture like this. It serves for everyday ..

$229.95 Ex Tax: $229.95

Castle Cat Tree House -13%

Castle Cat Tree House

Give your cats a taste of the wild with this amazing looking cat tree house..

$299.95 $259.75 Ex Tax: $259.75

Cat Box Furniture with a Ladder & Two Beds Sold Out

Cat Box Furniture with a Ladder & Two Beds

This cat box furniture is made for the people who love their new kitty or s..

$165.95 Ex Tax: $165.95

Cat Climbing Tree with Two Large Condos

Covered in faux fur, with 10 sisal scratching posts, two condos and three p..

$192.95 Ex Tax: $192.95

Cat Face Cat Scratch Furniture

This cat scratch furniture provides a place to hide and gives several cats ..

$86.95 Ex Tax: $86.95

Cat Face Modern Cat Condo

Beautiful cat playground that is sure to provide hours of entertainment for..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

Cat Tree Topper

Give your cats a play area, cozy cat condo, sisal scratching posts and cat ..

$179.95 Ex Tax: $179.95

Ceiling-High Cat Tree Furniture

This is an extra large ceiling-high cat tree furniture with plenty of place..

$456.95 Ex Tax: $456.95

Cheap Kitty Condo Tower

Give your kitty a place to hide out, scratch and climb with this cheap kitt..

$86.95 Ex Tax: $86.95

Climbing Kitty Tree with House & Hanging Toys

This nice kitty tree features an attractive multi-level design with a varie..

$124.95 Ex Tax: $124.95

Contemporary Cat Tree Condo in Black/White Design

This cat tree in contemporary design is hand made from woven paper rope whi..

$199.95 Ex Tax: $199.95

Cool Cat Furniture with Hanging Balls

If you do not have enough space for a cat tower, this small cat furniture i..

$77.95 Ex Tax: $77.95

Cool Window Cat Perch with Hammock

Covered with Faux Sheepskin this window cat perch will keep your cat amused..

$126.95 Ex Tax: $126.95

Corner Cat Climbing Furniture

This cat climbing furniture will give your cat a great place to sleep, hide..

$78.95 Ex Tax: $78.95

Corner Contemporary Cat Tree for Large Cats Sold Out

Corner Contemporary Cat Tree for Large Cats

The households with large cats need practical solutions for satisfaction of..

$264.95 Ex Tax: $264.95

Crazy Discount Cat Condo Two Story

This is a new model discount cat condo that will keep your cats busy all da..

$106.95 Ex Tax: $106.95

Cubic One Story Cat Condo for Cats or Kittens

Cats adore to act mischievously and to get in all sorts of trouble. To prev..

$79.95 Ex Tax: $79.95

Discount Kitty Condo with Sisal Posts

This new discount kitty condo features multi-level perches and sisal posts ..

$111.95 Ex Tax: $111.95

Eco-friendly Castle Cat Condo Furniture

Space-saving cat condo in a new modern "Castle" design that will make every..

$139.95 Ex Tax: $139.95

Eco-friendly Cat Condo Furniture with Soft Bed

Give your cats multiple levels and places for scratching, playing and curli..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

Eco-Friendly Cat Tower Condo

If you have a very active cat that loves to climb and play everywhere in yo..

$125.95 Ex Tax: $125.95

Eco-Friendly Elegant Cat Tree in Blue

Give chance your pets to exercise their abilities to climb on this cat tree..

$172.95 Ex Tax: $172.95

Elegant Cat Furniture Condo in Off White Plush Sold Out

Elegant Cat Furniture Condo in Off White Plush

This elegant cat furniture will give your home decor a luxury look and will..

$157.95 Ex Tax: $157.95

Elegant Cat Gym Tree with House

This is one of the most beautiful cat gyms we offer at affordable price. Yo..

$134.95 Ex Tax: $134.95

Elegant Kitty Cat Condo Furniture -10%

Elegant Kitty Cat Condo Furniture

Elegant kitty cat condo furniture that has all entertainment needs your cat..

$99.95 $89.69 Ex Tax: $89.69

Fancy Cat Tower with Two Story Condo

A perfect playing tree for your cats. Featuring a plush covering, our fancy..

$169.95 Ex Tax: $169.95

Fancy Kitty Condo with Tunnel

This easy to climb fancy kitty condo comes with some components to keep you..

$84.95 Ex Tax: $84.95

Fancy Kitty Tower with Cradle

This beautiful kitty tower features a tunnel at ground level, second story ..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

Fancy Kitty Tree with Bamboo Rubbing Posts

Nice kitty tree that will provide your felines plenty of stimulation and pl..

$149.95 Ex Tax: $149.95

Four Level Cat Furniture Condo

This simple furniture condo is sure to entertain your cat all day long. Cov..

$64.95 Ex Tax: $64.95

Hide & Play Cat Stand with Nest

Give your cat or kitty a cozy place to play with this cat stand. The large ..

$166.95 Ex Tax: $166.95

High Quality Cat Furniture Tunnel & Cradle

This furniture for large cats comes with just right height for your cat to ..

$156.95 Ex Tax: $156.95

Huge Cat Tower with Leaves

This cat tower is an entire "Kingdom" in a single unit that your cat will n..

$179.95 Ex Tax: $179.95

Kitty Cat Activity Center

This fun activity cat furniture is made with only kitties and small cats in..

$136.95 Ex Tax: $136.95

Kitty Cat Perch with Tunnel

This beautiful kitty cat perch not only gives cats a great place to sleep, ..

$84.95 Ex Tax: $84.95

Kitty Cat Tree with House and Hammock

Covered with Faux Fur this kitty cat tree will give your cat plenty of play..

$126.95 Ex Tax: $126.95

Large Carpet Cat Tree Furniture

If you have some cats in your home that do not stop to run, climb and play ..

$337.95 Ex Tax: $337.95

Mini Cat Tower with Hanging Balls

Give your felines a multilevel play activity center in a nice brown-beige d..

$95.95 Ex Tax: $95.95

Modern Cat Box Furniture with Cradle

This furniture features one carpet and one sisal cat scratching posts for m..

$157.95 Ex Tax: $157.95

Modern Cat Condo Tree - The Peper

Pur-fect for climbing and scratching our modern cat condo tree features a c..

$182.95 Ex Tax: $182.95

Modern Kitty Cat Condo with Rope & Hammock

Featuring multi-levels for your cats fun, this modern cat condo is sure to ..

$124.95 Ex Tax: $124.95

Multi Level Cat Condo Tree

This cat condo tree has 23.5" x 23.5" sturdy base plate which ensures stabi..

$151.95 Ex Tax: $151.95

Multilevel Kitty Cat Scratching Tree

Do you have a scratcher in your house? If so, then this cat scratching tree..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

Natural Cat Furniture Perch and Lounger

Made of soft Fleece fabric and natural paper rope, this natural cat furnitu..

$119.95 Ex Tax: $119.95

Paw Shape Sisal Cat Furniture in Tan

The unique design of this sisal cat furniture is functional yet artistic. I..

$83.95 Ex Tax: $83.95

Plush Cat Activity Center in Leopard Print

This Plush Cat Activity Center has all the features of our larger trees and..

$81.95 Ex Tax: $81.95

Plush Cat Furniture Tower with Two Tubes

The beauty of this plush cat furniture tower is in the variety of activitie..

$136.95 Ex Tax: $136.95

Quality Cat Tree with Four Perches Large Cats

Simple but functional, this large wood cat tree is suitable for cats of var..

$336.95 Ex Tax: $336.95

Sisal Cat Scratcher Perch for Small Cats

This sisal cat perch for small cats features a cozy sleeping nest and scrat..

$178.95 Ex Tax: $178.95

Stylish Cat Furniture with Tube

This stylish cat furniture with a tunnel is the newest piece in our collect..

$72.95 Ex Tax: $72.95