Cat Trees & Condos

Cat Trees & Condos

Climbing is a second nature to cats after scratching, and we cannot expect our pets will just stop climb on home furniture and drapes, but we can provide them with a place to do that. A cat furniture like tree, tower or condo would be very useful if you have enough space in your home. Your cats can use them for scratching, climbing, for resting or just sleeping on the platforms and perches. These kind of cat furniture are items from essential to items of luxury, which will allow the cat owners to pamper their cats and treat them like kings.

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Stylish Cat Furniture with Two Perches

This cat playground is our newest piece in our collection designed for smal..

$103.95 Ex Tax: $103.95

Three Tier Cat Condo Furniture with Cradle & Bed

Multi-level cat condo furniture that is built with quality materials becaus..

$324.95 Ex Tax: $324.95

Wood Cat Furniture Tunnel and Scratching Post

A non-standard wood cat furniture for playing and hiding together with a sc..

$133.95 Ex Tax: $133.95

Wooden Cat Tree Tower with House on Top

If you have several cats, this wooden cat tree tower will match all their r..

$179.95 Ex Tax: $179.95

Wooden Ceiling-High Cat Gym

This ceiling-high cat gym would provide every cat plenty of climbing fun an..

$507.95 Ex Tax: $507.95

Woven Cat Condo with Perch and Basket

If you would like to distract your kitty from undesirable habits like scrat..

$143.95 Ex Tax: $143.95

Woven Eco-friendly Cat Condo Furniture

Cats love condos for the option to climb up on higher platforms and gaze ar..

$127.95 Ex Tax: $127.95

Carpeted Cat Furniture for Large Cats

This is a very practical furniture for householders with limited space. It ..

$134.95 Ex Tax: $134.95

Cat Climber for One or More Cats

Give your cats a chance to play hide-n-seek on this cat climber while you j..

$129.95 Ex Tax: $129.95

Cat Face Kitty Cat Gym

This kitty cat gym has everything a cat could wish for. It features two lar..

$369.95 Ex Tax: $369.95

Cat Face Luxury Cat Furniture

Unique cat furniture that was designed with both cats and home decor in min..

$159.95 Ex Tax: $159.95

Cat Face Wood Cat Furniture

This wood cat furniture is made of high-quality materials and comes on larg..

$172.95 Ex Tax: $172.95

Cat Gym Furniture with Condo & Tunnel

With this unique cat gym furniture, your cats will get plenty of climbing e..

$131.95 Ex Tax: $131.95

Cat Tree Tower with Two Nests

At 72" tall this cat furniture tower is designed to be used by the livelies..

$179.95 Ex Tax: $179.95

Ceiling-High Cat Tower with Cradles

The search for a robust ceiling-high cat tower has finally come to the end...

$479.95 Ex Tax: $479.95

Cheap Cat Scratching Furniture Off White

Any cat will love playing on this playground. This fun activity cat scratch..

$77.95 Ex Tax: $77.95

Classy Deluxe Kitty Cat Tree

Fantastic kitty cat tree with relaxing perch covered with Ultra-thick Faux ..

$128.95 Ex Tax: $128.95

Contemporary Cat Furniture in Chocolate/Gray Sold Out

Contemporary Cat Furniture in Chocolate/Gray

There are hours of cat fun just waiting for you to set up this delightful c..

$89.95 Ex Tax: $89.95

Cool Kitty Scratching Tree with Bamboo Posts

The new kitty scratching tree features a complete kitty exercise system tha..

$77.95 Ex Tax: $77.95

Deluxe Climbing Cat Tree

This high-quality deluxe climbing cat tree would provide your cats with end..

$467.95 Ex Tax: $467.95

Discount Cat Tower with Condo

Simple but functional, this discount cat tower could be the perfect solutio..

$155.95 Ex Tax: $155.95

Discount Cat Tree Furniture

This discount cat tree furniture features plenty of climbing, jumping and h..

$143.95 Ex Tax: $143.95

Eco-Friendly Cat Climbing Furniture in Chocolate/Grey Sold Out

Eco-Friendly Cat Climbing Furniture in Chocolate/Grey

Now you can combine your love for your cat with your conscious choice for b..

$105.95 Ex Tax: $105.95

Eco-friendly Cat Perch Furniture with Pom-Pom Toys

If you do not want to see claws on your favorite furniture, you should cons..

$104.95 Ex Tax: $104.95

Eco-friendly Cat Perch Scratching

This new cat perch incorporates a simple design and practical scratching fu..

$55.95 Ex Tax: $55.95

Eco-Friendly Cat Tree with Cubby and Hammock Sold Out

Eco-Friendly Cat Tree with Cubby and Hammock

Featuring a large and sturdy base, this tree made of eco-friendly materials..

$199.95 Ex Tax: $199.95

Elegant Triplex Kitty Furniture in Plush

This kitty furniture provides some hiding places and gives several kitties ..

$98.95 Ex Tax: $98.95

Fancy Cat Furniture with Paw Shaped Platforms

Give your cat a play area, cat scratching post and bed all in one place wit..

$83.95 Ex Tax: $83.95

Fancy Kitten Furniture with Scratching Post

Give your feline friends a play area, scratching post and bed all in one wi..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Fancy Kitty Furniture Double Sleeper

Fancy kitty furniture that features a wide stable base, two scratching post..

$199.95 Ex Tax: $199.95

Faux Fur Cat Tower

If you cats prefer to scratch on sisal instead carpet, you should consider ..

$112.95 Ex Tax: $112.95

Faux Fur Cat Tree

This cat tree is for the cats that like to live on the edge. It is 78" high..

$169.95 Ex Tax: $169.95

Handmade Cat Furniture with Cubic Condo

If your cat shows signs of boredom occasionally, this handmade furniture wi..

$189.95 Ex Tax: $189.95

High Quality Carpet Cat Furniture

Any cat will love playing on this cat perch. It features sisal scratching p..

$115.95 Ex Tax: $115.95

Indoor Cat Gym with House & Tube

This indoor cat gym comes with a stylish design not found on every model ca..

$115.75 Ex Tax: $115.75

Interactive Cat Condo with Lookout Perch

This new interactive cat condo combines chasing, scratching, perching and j..

$137.95 Ex Tax: $137.95

Kitty Condo Two Perches in Green

New model kitty condo that comes covered with artificial fur fabric, not ca..

$125.95 Ex Tax: $125.95

Large Activity Cat Tree Tower for Multiple Cats

The new cat tree tower in our collection would be the ultimate home for any..

$346.95 Ex Tax: $346.95

Large Cat Tree Sky Cube

Do you have cat climbers in your house? If so, then this cat tree is may be..

$229.95 Ex Tax: $229.95

Large Condo Cat Tower

New sisal cat tower made for all playful cats. With so many scratching post..

$205.95 Ex Tax: $205.95

Natural Cat Tree Tower with Woven Condos

This natural cat tree tower features a wealth of fun activities for cats wi..

$315.95 Ex Tax: $315.95

Play Cat Gym with Tunnel and House

This play cat gym is good for small or medium size cats and would be a perf..

$138.95 Ex Tax: $138.95

Quality Wooden Cat Tree Tower

Made with only quality materials, this wooden cat tree tower has every aspe..

$454.95 Ex Tax: $454.95

Sisal Cat Scratcher with Tube in Blue

Designed for the cat homes with limited space this modern sisal cat scratch..

$52.95 Ex Tax: $52.95

Small Cat Friendly Furniture with Tray

This cat perch is 24" tall. It has a wide base that ensures stability. Ship..

$139.95 Ex Tax: $139.95

Three Tier Cat Scratching Furniture with Tube

Cradle your cat in comfort with this large cat furniture for climbing and s..

$299.95 Ex Tax: $299.95

Two Tier Cat Friendly Furniture

This nice furniture for cats or kitties comes with a compact design. It is ..

$149.95 Ex Tax: $149.95

Window Size Cat Furniture with House

If you are a cat lover, you know that your feline friend is going to love t..

$137.95 Ex Tax: $137.95

Wooden Cat Furniture for Large Cats with Cradles

Give your feline a comfortable place to lounge, scratch or just look out th..

$298.95 Ex Tax: $298.95

Carpet Cat Tree House Furniture

High-quality cat tree that features a house large enough for the largest ca..

$479.95 Ex Tax: $479.95

Carpet Unique Kitty Condo with Perch

Wow! Five levels for kitty fun, three perches, one cozy kitty condo and 5 s..

$149.95 Ex Tax: $149.95

Cat Face Cat Tower Gym

This cat tower gym is well-suited for several cats at once because of its s..

$411.95 Ex Tax: $411.95

Cat Playhouse Furniture with Perch

Nice playhouse furniture that will be a home for every small cat or kitty. ..

$98.95 Ex Tax: $98.95

Climbing Cat Gym with Condo

This climbing cat gym has stairs step design that appeals to older or infir..

$198.95 Ex Tax: $198.95

Climbing Cat Tree with Condo Two Story

Fantastic climbing cat tree with two story condo that will give your cats a..

$239.95 Ex Tax: $239.95

Deluxe Cat Tree Tower

With so many cradles, tubes and sleeping places this deluxe cat tree tower ..

$464.95 Ex Tax: $464.95

Designer Kitty Condo Hacienda

This designer kitty condo has been built for the kitties that deserve their..

$124.95 Ex Tax: $124.95

Fancy Kitty Furniture with Hammock & Hanging Toys

This unique kitty furniture would be an attractive piece of furniture for a..

$85.95 Ex Tax: $85.95

Fantastic Five Tier Cat Gym

This fantastic cat gym has every aspect a cat would love. It comes with sol..

$499.95 Ex Tax: $499.95

Four Tiers Cat Tower

Nice cat tower that offers a wealth of fun activities for your cats with pl..

$347.95 Ex Tax: $347.95

Kitty Gym Super Sleeper

With wide base which prevents tipping, this kitty gym comes for kitties who..

$334.95 Ex Tax: $334.95

Modern Kitty Condo Two Story Sold Out

Modern Kitty Condo Two Story

This modern kitty condo features a condo two story, cat perch and many sisa..

$117.95 Ex Tax: $117.95

Play Cat Tower in Sky Blue

Have you got a climber in your house? This cat tower is may be just what yo..

$115.95 Ex Tax: $115.95

Quality Tall Cat Condo with Curved Perch

This tall cat condo tower is the perfect gift for every playful cat. It fea..

$232.95 Ex Tax: $232.95

Sisal Cat Tower with Multi-level Perches

Pur-fect for climbing and scratching this sisal cat tower offers complete c..

$120.95 Ex Tax: $120.95

Six Tiers Discount Cat Gym

Nice discount cat gym that features a rope to climb up and down, cozy cat c..

$119.42 Ex Tax: $119.42

The Cat's Meow Cat Gym

The newest gym is really the Cat's that is what we named it!! It..

$288.95 Ex Tax: $288.95

Top Quality Large Cat Condo Three Story

This large cat condo is a great resting spot for every cat. It has a fantas..

$362.95 Ex Tax: $362.95

Unique Cat Condo Furniture with Racing Balls

This cat condo furniture comes with a large base to prevent tipping over wh..

$94.95 Ex Tax: $94.95

Unique Kitty Condo with Bamboo Post & Perch

Nice kitty condo that comes with bamboo post and resting platform on top of..

$66.95 Ex Tax: $66.95

Wooden Cat Condo Tree

This Wooden Cat Condo Tree offers all features cats love - height, condos, ..

$238.95 Ex Tax: $238.95

Wooden Cat Tower Pacific Sleeper

Climbing! Lounging! Sunning! Sleeping! With so many things to do this woode..

$385.95 Ex Tax: $385.95

Carpet Cat Climbing Tree with Condo

This tree is designed to be used by the liveliest cats and can be used by s..

$369.95 Ex Tax: $369.95

Carpet Kitty Cat Window Perch

Cats are naturally curious and love to see what is going on outside. This c..

$103.95 Ex Tax: $103.95

Cat Face Cat Scratching Tower

This three-tier wooden cat tower is sure to provide every cat with countles..

$329.95 Ex Tax: $329.95