Cat Trees & Condos

Cat Trees & Condos

Climbing is a second nature to cats after scratching, and we cannot expect our pets will just stop climb on home furniture and drapes, but we can provide them with a place to do that. A cat furniture like tree, tower or condo would be very useful if you have enough space in your home. Your cats can use them for scratching, climbing, for resting or just sleeping on the platforms and perches. These kind of cat furniture are items from essential to items of luxury, which will allow the cat owners to pamper their cats and treat them like kings.

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Handmade Wood Cat Scratch Furniture

If you do not have enough space for a big cat tree, this wood cat scratch f..

$149.95 Ex Tax: $149.95

Large Kitty Climber with Sisal Post

This 49" tall kitty tree comes mounted on our 24"x24" wobble-free base. The..

$274.95 Ex Tax: $274.95

Quadruple Large Cat Tree

This large cat tree is 66" tall and was requested by the cats that like to ..

$389.95 Ex Tax: $389.95

Triple Cat Tree Perch

With wide base which prevents tipping, this cat tree perch is for cats who ..

$282.95 Ex Tax: $282.95

Triple Scratching Cat Tree

This scratching tree is 53" tall and stands on a wobble-free 24"x24" base, ..

$286.95 Ex Tax: $286.95

V-trays Large Cat Perch with Sisal

With durable and fun design this large cat perch will entertain your cat fo..

$169.95 Ex Tax: $169.95

Window Size Quality Cat Furniture

This quality cat furniture is 34" tall and it is ideal for households with ..

$159.95 Ex Tax: $159.95

Cat House Furniture with Bed & Tunnel Sold Out

Cat House Furniture with Bed & Tunnel

New cat house furniture for all cats and kitties that need a place to snugg..

$95.95 Ex Tax: $95.95