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Solid Wood Cat Tower for Large Cats with Padded Carpet Perches

Solid Wood Cat Tower for Large Cats with Padded Carpet Perches
Hardwood Cat Tower Scratcher in Real
Scratching Cat Tower - Finishes Chart
Solid Wood Cat Tower for Large Cats with Padded Carpet Perches
Hardwood Cat Tower Scratcher in Real
Scratching Cat Tower - Finishes Chart
Solid Wood Cat Tower for Large Cats with Padded Carpet Perches

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Towering over many other cat furniture products, this hardwood cat tower for large cats is both a wonderful climber and a perfect place for kitty naps. With multiple levels of perches, it's ideal to place near a window so your cats can curiously watch the outside world like a favorite television show. Each perch is padded with 1" foam and covered in plush carpet for extra comfort, a combination that any feline would love. And there is no need to worry about durability, as the foot stands and posts are made from solid hardwood oak or maple and are sure to stand upright.

Each cat tower has an 18" x 24" angled carpet scratcher designed to keep claws trim and neat. It is near the floor for safety when the kitty wants to stand up and scratch a little. And if you have a larger cat or multiple cats of different sizes and ages, the perches are slightly different in size, giving a solo cat some variety. The height between perches is 15", which is enough for your furry friends to stretch but certainly not too high to reach or jump up to a different level. Place this cat tower for large and heavy cats near the window and your kitties will enjoy hours bird watching, people watching or just napping in their favorite sunny spot. And if it is too big for your home, you can check out its smaller version here.

Features & Benefits

  • Overall size: 24" W x 36" L x 63" H
  • Wood construction: solid hardwood oak or maple with a durable finish
  • Plush Carpet covering in Light Beige color
  • Base: 24" x 32"
  • Lower perch: 24"W x 12"D
  • 2nd perch: 18 1/2"W x 22"D
  • 3rd perch: 24"W x 18"D
  • Top perch: 24"W x 15"D
  • There is an angled carpet scratcher that is near the floor for easy acces
  • The distance between levels is 15"
  • The cat tower requires assembly
  • Weight: 55 lbs
  • Tools required: adjustable or socket wrench and a regular or powered screwdriver for the provided square head screwdriver bit
  • Proudly hand-built in the USA


Shipping: Ships via FedEx Ground. Check the FedEx Ground Transit Map to see the actual transit time (in business days) to your state once your order has been shipped.

Questions & Answers

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What is the finish that is shown?
Julie Miller
  • That would be Golden Oak on oak wood.
Is there one without the carpet ?

Yes I wanted one but only wood

  • We can make it without carpet, however, it is just plywood with a hardwood veneer on the bottom. If that is what you want the price would be $30 less.

Hello my Cats were declawed when I got them. so that scratch ramp is not nessecary can that be carpeted instead and also if i put on carpet do i have to anchor it to a wall really dont want to. I have 2 cats but big boys

It looks very nice are you using really nice carpet

  • The scratch ramp is already carpeted. The entire cat tree is stable and does not need to be anchored to a wall.

Size of the platforms

Also, we have two Maine Coon cats, the largest one is a male that weighs 22 lbs right now and is not yet fully grown. Do you think the platforms will be large enough for him?

Sandra Smith
  • The platforms of the tree are large enough for Maine Coon cats.

Would the finish on the wood in this cat tree withstand being outside?

We would like to put this cat tree outside in a covered/screened gazebo. We live in the Pacific Northwest and we get a lot of rain so the wood would get damp. I was thinking that I could come up with some kind of elastic waterproof cover for the carpeted platforms.

Sandra Smith
  • Unfortunately, we do not recommend this cat tree for outside use.

Is it easy to replace carpet when it is worn out? Also can you replace the scrater board wihen that wear out
  • Although it will not be simple to pull them off and put a new one on, they can be replaced with some effort. The perches have the carpet rolled over the edges and are stapled underneath. The scratcher will be easier as it is not rolled over the edges and is just stapled in place.

can you get this without carpet, and if so, cost?

Removable cover would allow better cleaning

anne mcwilliams
  • We will be able to make it without the carpet, but will not be able to make it with removable covers.

Are there carpet color options?

Wondering if there are options for different color carpet.

C. B.
  • Unfortunately, the carpet comes in Beige color only.

What are the dimention on the spacing of the vertical boards ?
Gordon Bell
  • The distance between the vertical boards is about 19".

What color would best match very light maple wood furniture
  • Unfortunately, you should decide which color would be best for you. You may check the different finishes Here

Does it wobble at all, for example, if my kitty jumps from the couch to the condo? My condo is all very light wood. Can you recommend a wood that would match

I am very interested and do hope to hear from you

Terr Marsh
  • It depends on the cat and where she jumps from, but the cat tower will never fall over for sure because of the large base and solid wood used. Unfortunately, we can not recommend any wood.

Available Finishes

Is it possible to get this in maple with a clear finish (no stain). Also, how hard is it to replace the carpet pieces in the future?

  • These are yes but with a "but" answer.....

    Yes, we can put a clear finish on Maple, however, Maple has brown and gray streaks in the wood, that's why we only offer it with a stain. It is not clear which is very expensive.

    The carpet could be replaced however, it is over foam on the top wrapped around the edges then stapled underneath. We suggest keeping the removed pieces as a patent for the new carpet.
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