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Mega Deluxe Cat Tower for Large Cats

Mega Deluxe Cat Tower for Large Cats
6 inch sisal scratching posts
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Mega Deluxe Cat Tower for Large Cats
6 inch sisal scratching posts
Mega Deluxe Cat Tower for Large Cats

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Let your king-size cats scratch the day away with a cat tower that’s built for claw management! This heavy-duty urban feline jungle gym offers all a large cat could ask for in a cat tree. Stretching 6.5 feet tall and up to 53 inches wide, it features a large 28”W x 24”D platform bed at the penthouse level that comes with an ultra-soft cushion that can be removed for easy cleaning. And at the bottom level, the expansive master bedroom measures 14.5”W x 20”D x 12”H, with ample room for your feline to enjoy a peaceful slumber.

Soon to be an essential part of your pet decor, the scratching cat tree sits on a 2” thick, 32”W x 24”L baseboard made from heavy-duty material for stability and durability. As kitty climbs up the levels, they’ll find multiple scratching posts and multiple levels to rest upon. There are also a pair of plush hammocks for napping and a 2” thick x 40”L rope for scratching and playing, as well as a deluxe hanging basket that’s a heavenly spot for keeping watch or grabbing some shuteye. Available in brown only

Features & Benefits

  • Measures 32"L x 24"W x 78"H
  • Covered in soft Faux Fur, which does not shred as carpet
  • One color only: Brown
  • Large, heavy duty 2" base prevents tipping over
  • Oversized cat bed at top: 28" x 24"
  • Large cat condo: 14.5"L x 20"D x 12"H
  • Deluxe hanging basket: 18" diameter
  • Two play cat hammocks
  • Some cushions for your cats’ comfort
  • Plenty of sisal-wrapped 6" scratching posts
  • One 2" thick and 40" long sisal rope for extra cat fun
  • Weight: 110 lb
  • Assembly required. Comes with all tools and instructions included
  • Deluxe heavy-duty cat tree built for the king-size cats


Shipping: Ships via UPS Ground. Check the UPS Ground Transit Map to see the actual transit time (in business days) to your state once your order has been shipped.

Questions & Answers

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Can the beds/hammocks be swiveled or are they fixed in place?

Also, when do you anticipate getting this back in stock?

Linda Stanzione
  • The beds/hammocks on this cat tree can be swiveled, but we have no idea when it will be in stock again.

Does this come in any other color besides dark brown?
  • No. This item has been discontinued. We have 2 pieces in Brown only.

How easy is it for kitties to get from one level to another?
  • We would not recommend this tower for a kitty. It is too big.

Does this cat tower come in gray?
  • Not anymore. It is available in Brown color only and will be discontinued.

How much weight does this one hold?

I ha 4 main coons, been through 3 condos.

Christie orr
  • This cat tower can hold up to 100 lbs at once

Will you ship to Canada?


Caroline Nagy
  • Unfortunately, we do not ship this cat tower outside of the USA.

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