Cat Posts & Scratchers

Cat Posts & Scratchers

With different sizes and styles, you are sure to find cat scratching post to match your cat’s habits and needs. Covered with carpet or sisal our cat poles are made of wood and feature sturdy bases that ensure stability. In addition, our eco-friendly corrugated cat scratchers and scratching boards will hold every kitty’s attention and make him scratch with delight. Put a scratching post near a sunny window or draft-free corner and your cat will leave your furniture untouched.

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Large Cat Scratching Post with Cradle

This scratching post features a snug, carpet-wrapped cradle perched at the ..

$106.95 Ex Tax: $106.95

Straight Cat Scratching Post

This cat post comes on wobble-free 16.5" x 16.5" base. It ensures sturdines..

$86.95 Ex Tax: $86.95

Tall Cat Scratching Post with Bed

This post is another useful piece of furniture to choose from the variety o..

$109.95 Ex Tax: $109.95

Triangle Cat Scratcher

With unique design, this triangle cat scratcher comes with one sisal post f..

$61.95 Ex Tax: $61.95

Unique Cardboard Cat Scratching Pad

Your cat is in for a huge treat with this unique and whimsical scratching p..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

Z Cat Scratcher

Built with real wood and quality carpet this sisal scratcher comes with an ..

$115.95 Ex Tax: $115.95

Cardboard Window Cat Scratcher

Your cat is a playful little soul who loves every little toy that you come ..

$21.95 Ex Tax: $21.95

Carpet Cat Scratching Post

The most common of fixtures in cat household our carpet cat scratching post..

$65.95 Ex Tax: $65.95

Carpet/Sisal Cat Scratching Post

Our Half/Half cat scratching post is really popular with our multiple cat h..

$73.95 Ex Tax: $73.95

Cat Scratch Board with Sisal Post

This cat scratcher combines wooden scratch board, dangling toy and sisal po..

$34.95 Ex Tax: $34.95

Cat Scratching Beam

The latest addition to our cat scratching posts collection is this US hand-..

$79.95 Ex Tax: $79.95

Cool Dog Shaped Cat Scratch Bed

Does your cat love to scratch everything in the house? Are your drapes and ..

$28.95 Ex Tax: $28.95

Crocodile Shaped Cat Scratching Board

Do you have a kitten or cat who loves to scratch? Have your favorite curtai..

$36.95 Ex Tax: $36.95

Jute Cat Scratch Post with Perch

Cats scratching instincts must be satisfied with the help of posts like thi..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Jute Wrapped Cat Scratching Post

Standing on a circular hardwood base this cat scratching post is available ..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Mouse and Hedgehog Cat Scratching Set

The mouse and hedgehog-shaped cat scratching set adds a whimsical note of f..

$58.95 Ex Tax: $58.95

Scratching/Playing Kitten Activity Center Sold Out

Scratching/Playing Kitten Activity Center

With a unique design, this simple scratching kitten activity center will pr..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

Sisal Cat Clawing Furniture with Platform

This is a 20" high USA hand made furniture with a sisal post for cats to di..

$93.95 Ex Tax: $93.95

Sisal Cat Scratching Post

Cats have periods of stress and uneasiness and to alleviate this state they..

$90.95 Ex Tax: $90.95

Sisal Kitten Scratching Post

The scratching post is the most necessary item for any cat owner. Kittens l..

$43.95 Ex Tax: $43.95

Sisal/Carpet Cat Scratch Post

This is an item you should think about even before you have a cat at home. ..

$92.95 Ex Tax: $92.95

Solid Wood Cat Scratching Post

Our sturdy solid wood cat scratching post is 25" tall. It stands on a 17"x1..

$86.95 Ex Tax: $86.95

Square Scratch Post for Small and Large Cats

This square scratch post was made in two heights both standing on a large s..

$68.95 Ex Tax: $68.95

Straight Sisal Cat Scratch Pole with Perch

In case you cat is digging its claws into your carpet or furniture, you are..

$105.95 Ex Tax: $105.95

Triple Cat Scratching Post with Bed

Cats cannot spend a day without sleeping or scratching. You can facilitate ..

$139.95 Ex Tax: $139.95

Wooden Cat Scratcher with Bed & Sisal

If you do not have enough space for a big cat tower or a cat tree, this cat..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

Angled Sisal Cat Scratcher

This cat scratcher has a unique angled design that cats love to stretch and..

$57.95 Ex Tax: $57.95

Cat Scratching Post with a Play Ball

If your cat loves to scratch on vertical objects, then this cat scratch pos..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

Corrugated Curved Cat Scratch Pad

Contoured to fit your favorite feline's lounging position, this Purr-fect s..

$33.95 Ex Tax: $33.95

Deluxe Flat Cat Scratching Post

This deluxe flat scratching post is good for cats of any size. It is 32 inc..

$63.95 Ex Tax: $63.95

Door Hanging Cat Scratcher

A cat toy, attention-catcher and manicure tool all in one cat scratcher. Yo..

$31.95 Ex Tax: $31.95

Eco Friendly Butterfly Cat Scratcher & Lounger

From the time they get their claws, cats love to scratch your furniture, yo..

$37.95 Ex Tax: $37.95

Fish Shaped Kitty Scratcher

This unique scratcher will give your home decor a nice look and will provid..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Giant Tiger Corrugated Cat Scratcher

Welcome in the wild! Let your little felines discover the Wild World and be..

$155.95 Ex Tax: $155.95

Iguana Cardboard Cat Lounger & Scratcher

Treat your little cat like a child and spoil her with so much needed scratc..

$37.95 Ex Tax: $37.95

Kitten Scratching Post with Sisal Mat

This scratcher is for households with limited space and not so active small..

$55.95 Ex Tax: $55.95

Racing Car Shaped Cat Scratcher and Lounger

An exceptionally unique cat scratcher artistically shaped just like a racin..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

Recycled Paper Cat Scratching Bed

The sultry curved sides of this Cat Scratching Bed are available in Modern ..

$67.95 Ex Tax: $67.95

Sisal Cat Scratcher Perch for Small Cats

This sisal cat perch for small cats features a cozy sleeping nest and scrat..

$178.95 Ex Tax: $178.95

Two in One Love Bug Cat Scratcher Set

When you have got a family member who purrs while he flexes his claws on yo..

$58.95 Ex Tax: $58.95

Unique Cat Scratcher with Sisal Pad

If you want to provide some scratching post to your small cat or kitty with..

$65.95 Ex Tax: $65.95

Wall Corner Cat Furniture Protector

This corner design cat furniture will protect your wall corners from cat sc..

$67.95 Ex Tax: $67.95

Carpet Kitty Scratch Post

This kitty scratch post features a soft durable carpet (in a choice of colo..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

Curved Corrugated Scratching Board for Large Cats

Your favorite big kitty can catch the purrrrrrfect wave on this long curved..

$61.95 Ex Tax: $61.95

Emoticon Shaped Kitty Scratch Box Sold Out

Emoticon Shaped Kitty Scratch Box

Nice scratch box furniture that is suitable for small cats or kitties only...

$55.95 Ex Tax: $55.95

Fish Bone Kitty Scratcher and Bed

Does your kitty love to scratch everything in sight in your home? How can y..

$26.95 Ex Tax: $26.95

Fleece Cat Bed on Sisal Scratching Post

Do you want to provide your pet with both sisal scratcher and comfortable l..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Horizontal Scratching Post for Cats and Kittens

A classic combination of sisal rope covering of the post and soft carpet at..

$49.95 Ex Tax: $49.95

Kitty Activity Center with Hanging Toys and Sisal Ball

Ideal for small cats or kittens, this activity center offers four plush cov..

$29.95 Ex Tax: $29.95

Large Cheese Scratching Board for Cats

Our unique scratching board has cheese drawn on its sides to attract your c..

$48.95 Ex Tax: $48.95

Plush Kitty Activity Center with Swatting Balls

All parts of this kitty activity center is covered in nice plush fabric in ..

$25.95 Ex Tax: $25.95

Pyramid Recycled Paper Cat Scratching Board

The Pyramid cat scratching board has three scratching surfaces in one…two..

$123.95 Ex Tax: $123.95

Sisal/Plush Kitty Play Center

Coming on a large base and "Y" shaped scratching post, this kitty play cent..

$28.95 Ex Tax: $28.95

Small Cat Friendly Furniture with Tray

This cat perch is 24" tall. It has a wide base that ensures stability. Ship..

$139.95 Ex Tax: $139.95

Wedge Shaped Corrugated Cat Scratcher

The triangular wedge shape and cutout tunnels in this cat scratcher style a..

$48.95 Ex Tax: $48.95

2-in-1 Cat Scratcher and Bed

Send your cat on a vacation in Florida, with this two-in-one flamingo and t..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Chair Shape Modern Cat Scratcher

Shaped like an overstuffed chair with a wide seat and sloped back, this mod..

$71.95 Ex Tax: $71.95

Fish Shaped Kitty Condo with Sisal Pad

This kitty condo comes in a modern fish-shaped design and will give any hom..

$94.95 Ex Tax: $94.95

Giant Wedge Cat Scratch Pad

There is 30.5" x 12" of available giant wedge scratching surface to enterta..

$69.95 Ex Tax: $69.95

Kitty Express Scratch Board and Bed

Treat your cats to a scratch of a lifetime with Kitty Express! This unique ..

$54.95 Ex Tax: $54.95

Oval Shaped Kitty Scratching Box

The new oval shaped box furniture is suitable for small cats or kittens. It..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Two in One Nestled Cat Scratching Beds

Two Vogue elegant cat scratching beds nestled conveniently into the space o..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Carpet Cat Perch with Scratching Board

Simple but functional, this carpet cat perch features a carpeted scratching..

$72.95 Ex Tax: $72.95

Christmas Style Cat Scratcher Bed

A perfect Christmas gift for your cat! A Christmas wrapper decorated scratc..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

Christmas Style Cat Scratching Beds

A creative cat scratcher designed in form of a sofa with the sides beautifu..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

Cool Banana Kitty Scratching Bed

A brand new innovative scratcher that will instantly become your cats' favo..

$28.95 Ex Tax: $28.95

Fancy Corrugated Kitty Scratching Lounger

Old MacDonald had a Farm, EIEIO…and on his farm he had a Cat…EIEIO! Our Far..

$28.95 Ex Tax: $28.95

Kitty Cat Scratch Post

This post stands 24 inches high. It is covered in designer carpet with a si..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

Large Slumber Cat Scratching Pad & Bed

Give your cat his own scratching pad that doubles as a lounging bed! It is ..

$42.95 Ex Tax: $42.95

Small Cheese Cat Scratching Board

Creativity at its peak. This special cat  scratcher features an artwor..

$32.95 Ex Tax: $32.95

Small Tiger Kitty Scratch Pad & Lounger

If you just brought home the cutest and happiest kitty in the world and wan..

$28.95 Ex Tax: $28.95

Triangle Shaped Cardboard Cat Scratching Board

Add some fun and entertainment to your cat's play area with this colorful s..

$49.95 Ex Tax: $49.95

Unique Cardboard Cat Scratcher and Bed

Soft color, sloping curves, and gentle patterns set the tone for our Zen ca..

$47.95 Ex Tax: $47.95

Corrugated Cat Scratching Tunnel

Cats love to perch, have a snooze, and look out over their domain when they..

$71.95 Ex Tax: $71.95