Cat Trees & Condos

Cat Trees & Condos

Climbing is a second nature to cats after scratching, and we cannot expect our pets will just stop climb on home furniture and drapes, but we can provide them with a place to do that. A cat furniture like tree, tower or condo would be very useful if you have enough space in your home. Your cats can use them for scratching, climbing, for resting or just sleeping on the platforms and perches. These kind of cat furniture are items from essential to items of luxury, which will allow the cat owners to pamper their cats and treat them like kings.

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77" Cat Gym Climbing with Cat Condos

Our twelve-level cat gym is a great vertical activity center for a househol..

$139.95 Ex Tax: $139.95

Best Cat Tower for Large Cats -11%

Best Cat Tower for Large Cats

This cat furniture is a smaller version of our popular Castle Cat Tree Hous..

$209.95 $185.86 Ex Tax: $185.86

Best Cat Tree in Ivory

Very stable and practical tree in a nice Ivory color that will match any ho..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

Big Cat Tree Tower

Covered in faux fur this cat tree tower will keep your felines amused for h..

$135.95 Ex Tax: $135.95

Big Cat Tree with Toy

This big cat tree is a real, seven-level vertical activity center that offe..

$129.95 Ex Tax: $129.95

Deluxe Cat Tree with Large Condo & Hanging Balls -8%

Deluxe Cat Tree with Large Condo & Hanging Balls

Fantastic Deluxe Cat Tree with large condo a relaxing perch covered with so..

$129.95 $119.73 Ex Tax: $119.73

Designer Cat Furniture Condo with Two Feather Toys

This Designer Cat Furniture features step-by-step design and can be used bo..

$109.95 Ex Tax: $109.95

Discount Cat Furniture Tower with Sisal Posts -14%

Discount Cat Furniture Tower with Sisal Posts

This tower features many levels of alternating platforms for easy climbing...

$148.95 $128.42 Ex Tax: $128.42

Discount Cat Tree with Big Condo

This complete and comprehensive discount cat tree gives your cat the opport..

$115.95 Ex Tax: $115.95

Door Hanging Cat Condo

Do you have cats in playful mood around the house? They by all means need s..

$117.95 Ex Tax: $117.95

Faux Fur Huge Cat Condo Tree

If you love your cats and worry about your furniture, you should have this ..

$169.95 Ex Tax: $169.95

Floor to Ceiling Cat Condo Tree -13%

Floor to Ceiling Cat Condo Tree

This Floor to Ceiling Cat Condo Tree stands about 7 feet tall and offers ev..

$131.95 $114.78 Ex Tax: $114.78

Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower Sold Out

Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower

This superb ceiling-high cat tower is every cat's dream! It has multi-level..

$229.95 Ex Tax: $229.95

Gorgeous Cat Tree Condo -11%

Gorgeous Cat Tree Condo

Our Gorgeous Cat Tree Condo is a huge estate that stands just over 6 feet a..

$156.95 $139.74 Ex Tax: $139.74

Handmade Cat Furniture with Paper Rope Posts

Our Pets are loving animals that deserve all of our care and love, but they..

$95.95 Ex Tax: $95.95

Large Tower for Cats in Forest Style -13%

Large Tower for Cats in Forest Style

One of latest cat towers in our "Forest" line cat furniture collection can ..

$159.95 $138.72 Ex Tax: $138.72

Medium Cat Tree with Leaves and Square Base

Bring nature to your home and make your cats truly happy with this real loo..

$179.95 Ex Tax: $179.95

Modern Cat Condo with Sisal Posts

Cradle your cat in comfort! Give this modern cat condo to your cat and she ..

$148.95 Ex Tax: $148.95

Modern Cat Furniture with Sisal Poles

This furniture features a nice place to curl up and retreat, a long scratch..

$95.95 Ex Tax: $95.95

Multilevel Cat Climber Tree -9%

Multilevel Cat Climber Tree

Perfect for climbing and scratching this multi-level cat tree offers a comp..

$163.95 $148.47 Ex Tax: $148.47

Plush Cat Condo in Leopard Print with Sisal Post

This new plush cat condo features a new attractive design good both for cat..

$72.95 Ex Tax: $72.95

Real Looking Large Cat Tree with Square Base

Make your cats happy with this Real Looking Large Cat Tree with adorable ..

$199.95 Ex Tax: $199.95

Realistic Large Cat Tree with Round Base

Bring this Realistic Large Cat Tree to your home and your cats will be imme..

$199.95 Ex Tax: $199.95

Realistic Small Cat Tree with Square Base

Cats love trees and nature and this Realistic Small Cat Tree will allow the..

$169.95 Ex Tax: $169.95

Scratching Tower for Medium Size Cats -13%

Scratching Tower for Medium Size Cats

This scratching cat tower will allow cats to live out the natural scratchin..

$149.95 $129.78 Ex Tax: $129.78

Seven Tiers Cat Tower Tree

This cat tower tree is a seven-level activity center. It features 9 sisal p..

$119.95 Ex Tax: $119.95

Sleeper Cube Large Kitten Condo

Your kitties will have lots of fun playing in and out of the many openings ..

$179.95 Ex Tax: $179.95

Stylish Cat Tree Pagoda House

Pamper your cat in style with this family cat tree. It features first and s..

$122.95 Ex Tax: $122.95

TV Cat Condo Scratcher

Let your sweet cat have her own TV set. This extraordinary design condo com..

$62.95 Ex Tax: $62.95

Two Story Cat Condo in Gray Print

This cat play center is made with kitties in mind giving them a chance to n..

$81.95 Ex Tax: $81.95

Window Cat Playground with Condo

This complete cat playground has been developed with only one thing in mind..

$119.95 Ex Tax: $119.95

Window Size Cat Perch Furniture in Blue

Made not very tall this cat perch furniture is designed for small kitties o..

$139.95 Ex Tax: $139.95

3 Story Cat Condo with Scratching Mats

This 3 story cat condo is for the largest cat breeds that may fit in 18 inc..

$209.95 Ex Tax: $209.95

Big Kitty Tree

Wow! Four levels for kitty fun, two kitty cat perches, one condo to for hid..

$104.95 Ex Tax: $104.95

Cat Climber in Forest Style with Tunnels & Beds

This climbing tree is suitable for small or average size cats and has the n..

$155.95 Ex Tax: $155.95

Cat Climber with Modern Look

This cat climber with a Modern look is a new addition to our cat trees coll..

$115.95 Ex Tax: $115.95

Cat Condo Tower with Hammock & Rope

Give your cats a hammock, scratching posts and resting spots all in one pla..

$154.95 Ex Tax: $154.95

Cat Furniture Hideaway in Gray with Lounging Mat

This small at first glance furniture provides all needed activities for cat..

$72.95 Ex Tax: $72.95

Cat House Furniture with a Toy

This very practical cat shelter will not occupy much space in your home and..

$65.95 Ex Tax: $65.95

Cat Scratching Tower with House and Hammock

If your cats love to sharpen their claws on your favorite furniture, then y..

$179.95 Ex Tax: $179.95

Cat Tree Furniture with Hammock

If your cats love to hang on curtains, and you get nervous, then this 73" t..

$139.95 Ex Tax: $139.95

Ceiling High Huge Cat Tree Condo

To save your cats from boredom, you could provide them with a cat tree cond..

$127.95 Ex Tax: $127.95

Climbing Cat Activity Tree with Removable Fabric

This cat activity tree is a unique furniture because of its removable suede..

$127.95 Ex Tax: $127.95

Climbing Tower for Several Cats in Forest Style -10%

Climbing Tower for Several Cats in Forest Style

If you want to give a quality cat tower to your cats and add a unique look ..

$199.95 $179.23 Ex Tax: $179.23

Complete Cat Gym with Hammock

Majestic and versatile are the words that describe this cat gym. This is a ..

$149.95 Ex Tax: $149.95

Contemporary Large Cat Condo with Basket

This Contemporary Large Cat Condo has all the features a cat would expect. ..

$135.95 Ex Tax: $135.95

Cool Kitty Condo with Hiding Tunnel -14%

Cool Kitty Condo with Hiding Tunnel

This cool kitty condo is a new addition to our cat condos collection. It fe..

$87.95 $75.82 Ex Tax: $75.82

Corner Cat Tower Tree

At over 6 feet high, our cat tower will make your cat climb up to the top a..

$136.95 Ex Tax: $136.95

Custom Made Kitty Condo Sleeper Cube

Your kitties will have lots of fun playing in and out of the many openings ..

$166.95 Ex Tax: $166.95

Designer Cat Furniture with Condo

This designer cat furniture will brighten your home decor, and your feline ..

$105.95 Ex Tax: $105.95

Discount Kitty Furniture with Sisal Posts

This item is our newest piece in our collection designed for smaller areas...

$88.95 Ex Tax: $88.95

Eco-friendly Cat Condo Tower

This elegant two tones beige cat condo tower is a fantastic solution for ho..

$129.95 Ex Tax: $129.95

Eco-Friendly Cat Tree House in Chocolate/Cream

Nice cat tree that provides not only height and three climbing levels, but ..

$125.95 Ex Tax: $125.95

Eco-Friendly Fancy Cat Furniture with Cradle

Enjoy every moment in the company of your cat and offer her happy moments a..

$104.95 Ex Tax: $104.95

Extra Large Cat Tree House -11%

Extra Large Cat Tree House

A cat tree up to the ceiling inside your house? This sounds exactly how cat..

$143.95 $127.57 Ex Tax: $127.57

Faux Fur Modern Cat Condo

Great modern cat condo that is suitable for kitties or small cats. With two..

$95.95 Ex Tax: $95.95

Faux Fur Modern Cat Furniture with Hammock

If you have climbers in your home or your cat likes to rest on high perches..

$89.95 Ex Tax: $89.95

Four Tier Cat Tree Furniture

This cat tree furniture is made with the highest quality materials, and it ..

$355.95 Ex Tax: $355.95

Kitty Cat Condo Furniture in Green

This beautiful ensemble from two perches and two condos is an ideal place f..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

Kitty Cat Tower with Hammock

Lounging???? Sunning???? Sleeping???? With so many things to do this kitty ..

$167.95 Ex Tax: $167.95

Large Cat Play Tower

Simple but functional, this cheap cat play tower offers a lot of sisal cat ..

$116.95 Ex Tax: $116.95

Large Cat Tree Furniture with Cat Condos

Designed with the most active cats in mind this large cat tree furniture is..

$222.95 Ex Tax: $222.95

Luxury Large Cat Tower with Two Condos

This Luxury Large Cat Tower is an incredible 73" TALL! It will give your ca..

$139.95 Ex Tax: $139.95

Modern Cat Furniture with Basket & Toys

This modern cat furniture was designed to delight your cats and to be a gre..

$109.95 Ex Tax: $109.95

Modern Cat Tower with Cradle and Tunnel

This complete tower offers a fantastic playground for 1 or 2 cats. All 6 po..

$122.95 Ex Tax: $122.95

Modern Cat Tree with Hammock and Nest

The new modern cat tree with a hammock is designed for bigger cat breeds or..

$179.95 Ex Tax: $179.95

Modular Elegant Kitty Furniture

Suitable for one or two small cats or kitties, this furniture will be loved..

$109.95 Ex Tax: $109.95

Multi-level Fabric Cat Climbing Tower

Amazing cat climbing tower with so many levels for cats to explore designed..

$194.95 Ex Tax: $194.95

Natural Cat Tower with Cubby and Condo

Standing 64 inches tall, this multi-level tower will be every cat favorite ..

$265.95 Ex Tax: $265.95

Play Kitty Tower with Hammock

Wow - incredible eight-level kitty tower that offers our unique feature - c..

$129.95 Ex Tax: $129.95

Plush Cat Tree Bungalow in Gray

Standing 43 inches high, this cat activity center offers endless fun for ac..

$119.95 Ex Tax: $119.95

Plush Tower for Active Cats

If you have very active cats in your home that climb on curtains, then this..

$105.95 Ex Tax: $105.95

Sisal Cat Clawing Furniture with Platform

This is a 20" high USA hand made furniture with a sisal post for cats to di..

$93.95 Ex Tax: $93.95

Sisal Cat Tree with Hammock

Put this great looking tree next to your sofa while reading or enjoying som..

$109.95 Ex Tax: $109.95

Small Cat Perch with Hanging Balls

This cat perch is a new piece of furniture designed for smaller areas and s..

$72.95 Ex Tax: $72.95