Suitable for one or two small cats or kitties, this furniture will be loved by your furry friends. Construction is sturdy, covering is very soft and best of all it requires some very easy assembly. One perch, ladder and condo make this kitty furniture easy for climbing and the hanging sisal rope and toy would provide extra hours of play for the cats.

  • Overall Dimensions of kitty's playground: 28" W x 38" L x 58" H
  • Special, soft covering fabric in Ivory (Off White) color. It is very easy to clean.
  • Boards made of Strong Plywood
  • Spacious kitty condo: 12" W x 15" L x 10" H. It has two 6" x 8" entries.
  • Three level stairway attached to the condo
  • One large 14" X 14" x 3" bed for perching and lounging
  • Stylish kitty furniture for every multi-kitty home
  • Five 3.5" in diameter sisal posts for your cats to scratch instead your home furniture
  • A lot of places for your kitties to hide, play and rest
  • Strong 1" sisal play rope for endless kittie's fun
  • About 20 minutes easy assembly
  • Cute toy included
  • We ship it to Canada as well

Availability: Ships via FedEx Ground. Check the FedEx Transit Map to see the actual transit time (in business days) to your state once your order has been shipped.

Extra Details
Cat Condo Yes
Height 49" to 60"
Covering Material Faux Fur
Sisal Rope Yes
Assembly Assembly Required
Country of Manufacturing China
Sadie Ferrell 20/10/2014

Having had the product for just a couple of days it is difficult to say if the price is good. If it falls apart next month it was too much, if it lasts for 15 years it was an excellent price. What is not explained on the website is the sturdiness of the product. Hind sight is 20/20 and now I realize the importance of listing how much weight the cat tree can hold. The one I purchased is only rated for 40 pounds, consequestly I believe it probably isnt as sturdy as one rated for 80 or 100 pounds. Unfortunatly I wasnt thinking in those terms when purchasing. The cat furniture selection is better than any I have every seen. If I were to purchase in the future I would take into consideration the amount of weight the tree can hold. As I only have one small cat, 40 pounds seemed fine, she will never reach 10. However, I have had a cat tree in the past that I could drag all over the house changing positions, moving to vac around it and not worry about it coming apart. This one wobbles when my cat jumps on it, it will take her some time to feel comfortable on it for that reason and I definately wont be moving it around for vacuuming, Ill use attachments to get the floor around it. In summary, I do not feel the item I purchased was a bargain, I do feel it was worth the money paid. Providing it lasts a few years I would purchase from the company again I would just try to purchase with a bit more attention to detail (the weight the item holds) rather than as a kid in a candy store as I did with this initial purchase.

Grace Ivers 05/09/2014

Just wanted to let you know I received my kitty furniture today. It is very nice looking and I am sure my kitten will enjoy it for a very long time. Your service was very good.

Dennis Jones 04/05/2014

My wife and I were very pleasantly surprised to receive our order so quickly. We were also delighted with the quality of the product in relation to the price paid. We planned on purchasing another item of this sort in the next 2-3 months. Thanks!!

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Modular Elegant Kitty Furniture

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