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Two Story Modern Cat Condo with 3 Cushions
New -19 %
This two story modern cat condo is the ideal gift for the cats that need a warm, comfortable, and readily accessible space to get some rest and relaxa..
$72.35 $88.95
FREE Shipping
Two Story Cat Condo with Removable Covers
New -17 %
Your lovely cat deserves a snazzy place to rest and play – and this two-story modern cat condo offers more than this! The modern design features a rem..
$99.35 $119.95
FREE Shipping
Give your kitties a little room of their own with this wooden cat box furniture! Shaped to fit in nearly any room of the home, this nifty cat cube is ..
FREE Shipping
Unique Cat Tree Condo with Jute Scratching Post
New -18 %
Add this unique designer cat tree to your decor and you'll be the talk of the feline community! Featuring everything your cat needs to stay interested..
$89.89 $109.95
FREE Shipping
Are you worried that the lack of space in your home won't allow you to buy a cat tree for your feline friend? Well, this small modern cat condo can be..
FREE Shipping
A thoroughly modern cat tree to satisfy your cat's natural instincts! Packed with opportunities for activity, this multi-purpose cat furniture is made..
FREE Shipping
Modern Cat Condo Furniture with 3 Cushions
New -9 %
With a compact design, this modern cat condo piece will be your pet decor's standout addition! The natural jute-covered scratching posts and carpets g..
$139.35 $152.95
FREE Shipping
Modern Cat Tree with Two-Story Condo
New -22 %
Modern design meets creature comfort! Bring this modern cat tree to your home to satisfy your cat's natural instincts in a super safe and fun way. A l..
$139.58 $179.95
FREE Shipping
With a classic design and multiple functions, this captivating cat condo will entertain your cats for hours! Packed with fun and interesting activitie..
FREE Shipping
Introduce your furry friends to "high society" with this ceiling high cat tower! Designed to go from floor to ceiling, it features multiple tiers and ..
FREE Shipping
Treat your beloved senior cat to a tree that's designed just for her/him. This plush cat tree furniture is a multi-use tower for indoor old cats that ..
FREE Shipping
This super-cool cat tree with a kitty wheel gives your feline friends the best of both worlds! They'll get a place to lounge and rest along with a gre..
FREE Shipping
Small Cat Exercise Wheel
New -12 %
Fun cat exercise wheel, an instant gym for your feline workout warriors that is sure to satisfy their needs and yours. It's a unique, space-saving cat..
$265.35 $299.95
FREE Shipping
This small cat tower is perfect for senior cats, especially ones recovering from an injury or with hip or joint issues. It is easy for climbing and wi..
FREE Shipping
Keep the cat from scratching your furniture or shedding all over the bed — get your feline friend this modern cat furniture packed with places to rest..
FREE Shipping
Bring a sweet little piece of the desert into your kitty's home with this cool Cactus Scratching Pole. Known for showing incredible endurance under th..
FREE Shipping
5-tier Eco-friendly Cat Tree for Large Kitties
New -14 %
The 5-tier cat tree furniture is a more modern approach to typical cat scratchers with its cream and chocolate color scheme, clean lines, and quality ..
$179.85 $209.95
FREE Shipping
5 ft. Narrow Cat Tree with Rubber Massager
New -12 %
This narrow cat tree is a blend of classic and modern style with all of the essentials for your cat to climb, scratch, rest, play, and massage. Thanks..
$175.89 $199.95
FREE Shipping
Small Modern Cat Tower Condo with Massage Arch
New -11 %
Clean, simple, and convenient for cats of all ages, this modern cat tower condo covers most of the essential needs for your kitty - sleep, fun, and se..
$151.52 $169.95
FREE Shipping
Do you have one of those playful cats that love to hop in the sink as you are washing up or brushing your teeth? Or simply likes to lay in the sink fo..
FREE Shipping
Today's modern feline deserves modern cat furniture so they can hang out in style! This gorgeous egg-shaped cat lounger serves two purposes: a sleek s..
FREE Shipping
Ideal for cat owners with less room and large kitties, this oversized 29" tall cat scratching post offers a sizable solution for cats of any size beca..
FREE Shipping
Give your feline friend a new place to enjoy and get comfortable in with this furniture that hides away that stinky litter box while providing privacy..
FREE Shipping
Hideaway the smelly litter box in our Cat Litter House while adding a functional piece of furniture to any room in your home. This litter box cab..
FREE Shipping
It’s like having a deluxe apartment complex for your kitties, right in your own home! This Giant Cat Tree stands almost 7 feet tall and features multi..
FREE Shipping
This big, beautiful cat tower is built for king-size cats! Standing an impressive 62” high and 32” wide, the deluxe cat tree is striking in light or d..
$294.78 $319.95
FREE Shipping
Soothing and muted, this modern gray cat tree will match your décor while keeping your cats comfortable and busy. Cats need a special area just f..
FREE Shipping
Oak Plywood Modern Cat Tree with Scratching Posts
-10 %
For a style that matches your aesthetics while giving your cats a place of their own, the modern cat scratching tree made of oak plywood and white tri..
$125.35 $139.95
FREE Shipping
Your kitties will achieve new heights with this 5-tier floor-to-ceiling cat pole! The designer-inspired climbing tree features a soft and plush b..
FREE Shipping
Keep the cat litter neat and out of sight, while adding some classic style to your decor! This modern cat litter box furniture in dark brown is a grea..
FREE Shipping
Both cute and compact, this practical and personal enclosed cat litter box furniture makes a lasting impression on both cat and cat parents! The uniqu..
FREE Shipping
One of the cumbersome things about being a cat owner is the problem of litter box storage. Not everyone has the room to place the cat litter box somew..
FREE Shipping
Treat your kitty to two stories of frenetic fun! This small wood cat house, designed to resemble a quaint little barn, will keep your outdoor cat comf..
FREE Shipping
Suitable for one or two cats, this wooden outdoor cat condo is a comfy and cozy spot for your feline friends to nap the day away! Made with 100% solid..
FREE Shipping
For the cat that needs a little “me-ow” time, this 2-story outdoor cat condo provides the perfect location! Whether you have one cat in the family or ..
FREE Shipping
With two floors of fun, this outside cat house will have your cats purring with delight! Crafted from solid fir wood and finished with natural waterpr..
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