Make it fun and safe for your favorite felines to play outdoors all year round with this cedar cat house on stilts! The house is designed to be raised up off the ground for better protection against cold, rain and snow weather conditions. It has a roomy lounging deck under a wide porch roof that makes the perfect spot for your kitty to catch some warm sun rays and has a cat nap, and the wide roof and thermal-ply insulation ensure that your pet stays snug and dry! The house is fast and easy to assemble, using ordinary household tools, and is designed to house one average-size cat! Your pet will enjoy the 16-inch high platform with deck and the generous porch roof will protect the doorway opening from dripping rain and melting snow.

Exterior measurements of house: 17"W x 18"D x 18"H.
Interior measurements of house's floor: 13"W x 14"D
Door Opening: 6" x 8". Optional vinyl door flap available.
Deck Platform: 17"W x 29"D x 16"H.
Deck Area: 9" x 17".

  • STURDY CEDAR CONSTRUCTION: Durable and insect-repellant, cedar is the best choice for a long-lasting outdoor house.
  • WARM INSULATION: Thermal-ply insulation lines the floor, walls and ceiling of the cat house interior.
  • PROTECTIVE PORCH ROOF: Wide and deep, the roof covers the lounging deck for protection against rain, snow, and bright sun rays.
  • LOUNGING DECK: Above-ground level deck stays high and dry, and gives your kitty a perch to survey his surroundings!
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Assembles quickly and easily, using instruction sheet. With a battery powered screw-driver, complete assembly should take about 30 - 40 minutes. The roof can be easily removed with taking out a couple of screws.
  • QUALITY WORKMANSHIP: Each house is hand-crafted individually with high-quality materials
  • OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Thermostatically-controlled Heating Pad, Vinyl Door Flap, Extra Door
  • Free Shipping to Canada and Continental US

Shipping: Ships from Canada via FedEx Ground. Transit time is between 4 and 9 business days depending on where it is going.

Optional Features

Hard / Heated Pad - 9" x 12"

The heated pad is the safest, most reliable and energy efficient method to provide your pet with a comfortable warm environment during the coldest of winters. The pad is 9" x 12" and it only burns 25 watts of power. The internal thermostat keeps the temperature at a desirable 102 degrees when in use. When you purchase a heated pad with the house, we will prepare it for the electric cord.

Cat Houses
Material Wood
Heated Pad Yes
Vinyl Door Flap Yes
Extra door Yes
Insulation Yes
Assembly Assembly Required
Country of Manufacturing Canada
Andrea David 28/01/2016

It took a couple of days but our cat is totally into her new house now. It's a perfect fit in the spot we had planned to put it.

Katherine Matthew 27/12/2015

The cat house is superb, quality is great. I followed both the written instructions and the online video to ensure I put it together correctly the first time, which I did and quite quickly. The only thing I might have preferred is a slightly bigger house, however for a single average size cat, it makes a cozy house, and maybe that’s the intention.

Destiny Dylan 18/04/2015

WHAT A GREAT LITTLE CAT HOUSE! It was worth the wait.

Paige.Strickland 21/12/2014

I am so grateful for the cat house I have received. My beloved 10 year old indoor cat, Farley, had to become an outdoor cat due to a recent move. We purchased the cat house, insulated and with a heating pad, so he would be warm, cozy and protected in the winter as well as the summer. We worried he wouldn’t go in it and for a few weeks he didn’t until we finally had a very cold night. We keep the house on the screened in porch and when I checked on him that night he was all snuggled up in it with the flap closed. I was so relieved. Ever since that night, he is always in house or lounging around it. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product that really has put my mind at ease with our new living arrangements.

Melisa Evangelos 27/07/2014

I ordered two cedar cat houses and pads. I received an immediate confirmation and an email from the seller verifying that I did, in fact, want two. I appreciated this extra step. The houses arrived quickly and were easy to assemble. I coaxed my outdoor cats into them with little trouble. Last night was cold and this morning two happy cats poked their heads out of the doorways.

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Cedar Cat House with Platform and Extended Roof

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