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Waterproof Winter House for Feral Cat with Extended Roof

Waterproof Winter House for Feral Cat with Extended Roof
Large feral cat house with extended roof
Insulation inside walls, under roof and floor
Waterproof Roof
Waterproof Winter House for Feral Cat with Extended Roof Waterproof Winter House for Feral Cat with Extended Roof
Waterproof Winter House for Feral Cat with Extended Roof
Large feral cat house with extended roof
Insulation inside walls, under roof and floor
Waterproof Roof
Waterproof Winter House for Feral Cat with Extended Roof Waterproof Winter House for Feral Cat with Extended Roof
Waterproof Winter House for Feral Cat with Extended Roof

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Statistics show there are an estimated 480 million homeless cats in the world. Of this number, many are feral cats, born in the wild and continuing to populate the feline world. But even though they don't have a home, these beautiful cats deserve somewhere to call their own! This stunning feral cat house is a lovely solution to housing the neighborhood kitty who wants to stay outside. Each piece is hand-crafted from long-lasting cedar wood and is insulated with Thermal-Ply insulation to keep them warm in the winter yet cool in the heat of the summer months.

This outdoor cat house also features an extended roof to add more shelter from precipitation and a 16" high platform with a comfortable lounging deck to catch a cat nap in the morning sun. Designed to accommodate two medium-sized cats at once, it's also an ideal outside hangout for your beloved indoor kitty that has to be around you as you work in the garden or on the lawn. No matter which feline friends you add this house for, both of you will be meowing in delight all day long!

Overall Size: 26"W x 35"D x 36"H
Exterior house dimensions: 24"W x 23"D x 21"H.
Interior floor dimensions: 19"W x 18"D
Door Opening: 7"W x 9"H
Platform: 34"D x 23"W x 14"H
Front deck: 23"W x 9"D

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof outdoor shelter for stray or feral cats. The roof is made with water-resistant felt paper under the wood siding that is treated with a non toxic and chemical-free environmentally friendly lifetime wood treatment, making these feral cat houses very durable and able to withstand any outdoor elements for many years.
  • Thermal-Ply insulation is placed inside walls, under the floor and ceiling. It provides great protection from both extreme cold and extreme heat.
  • The roof can be easily removed by taking out a couple of screws 
  • Ships unassembled. Simple instructions are included for fast assembly with standard household tools.
  • Assembly would take about 30-40 minutes with a battery-powered screwdriver
  • WEIGHT: 30 lbs
  • Made to order. Ships in 6-9 business days.
  • Built with cedar construction, this house for outside cats is individually handcrafted and made to order
  • FREE SHIPPING to Continental US and Canada


Optional Features: 

Extra Door

Extra (Escape) Door: Give your feline friend an extra exit if predators come sniffing around. With the same dimensions as the front door, this door can be installed on the back, left, or right walls when facing the front door. 

Vinyl Door Flap

Vinyl Door Flap: Vinyl that is heavy enough to act as a barrier is used. The vinyl flaps are solid (not cut into strips) and secured inside from the top of the door frame by a Velcro strip.

Round Door Insert

Round Door Insert: If your cat likes to squeeze through holes in fences or find an isolated corner to curl up in, she may enjoy this round door style. The insert has a 6" round opening and may be easily removed if the cat is too big to fit through it or just does not like it.



Shipping: Ships from Canada via FedEx Ground. Transit time is 3-7 business days, depending on where it goes.

Questions & Answers

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Is the wood of house treated in any way?
  • The wood is natural and not treated. For maximum wood protection against the weather, it should be treated with at least a water seal. You may paint or stain the house as well. If you want to treat the house, we recommend a Thompsons water seal.

Escape door with flap on outside?

Is it possible to install the escape flap in the exterior vs interior so it’s protection from weather and only used as an out.

  • Yes. You can install the vinyl flap both inside and outside.

Front ledge

Hi, could you please let me know how much it would cost (assuming it is possible) to extend the front perch by another foot so there is a deeper ledge for the cat to sit on.

Catherine Lane
  • Unfortunately, we cannot extend the front porch.

Are there pre-drilled holes for easy assembly
  • Yes.

custom size possibility for the entry door and the escape door

I see in the FAQs, you can customize the door size. Can the entry door and the escape door be 6" x 6" square instead of having a 6" round insert? Also, I don't see any way to add the additional fee for the custom-sized doors. How do I pay for that?

  • The smallest we can make the door is 6" x 8". The only way to be 6" x 6" is by the Round Door Insert. The Price of each custom-size door is an extra $35. If you want to order them, we will send you an extra invoice after you place the order for the house.

Can the front door dimensions be extended?

I need a front door that where length and width is extended by 2 inches

  • We can only go wider and not higher. So, it would have to be 9 inches high by however wide you want it.

General inquiry

What does the interior look like What do round hole openings look like Do you offer military veteran discounts

Where is the hole for the heat pad located?

Where is the hole for the heat pad located if you're standing in front of the cat house looking at the front door?

Tammy Szu
  • On the back of the house.

Heating pad

If I were to purchase this house is the pad included I do not see it?

  • No. This cat house comes without a heating pad. You should buy it separately.

Which size will a wall mount zero clearance heat panel fit into to hang? As far as house size?I have 4 houses already and they work perfect in them for heat with no risk of fire. I even add a with a foam bath mat cut exactly to size on the floor for comfo

Measurements for heated panel are as follows: 18" x 12" x 0.5 (W x H x D) I need 1 or 2 waterproof, insulated houses.

Lori Kowalsky
Smart Cat Door

Do you have recommendation if/what smart cat doors will work with this product? Considering the Cat Mate Elite to better control ability of predators to enter.

Paul Benfield
  • Unfortunately, we do not know if/what smart cat door can work with this house.

Does the roof come off of this for cleaning?

I’m looking for something to use as a feeding station that is more protective against the elements (snow and cold) than your traditional feeding station because I’m feeding in an uncovered area. I feed a colony of 10-12 cats and need something that is big enough for a gravity feeder as well as enough space for a cat to walk in and out of. As well as I would like to have it elevated to deter rodents from visiting because were in the city. I’m open to any other suggestions as well.

  • The roof can be removed by taking out a couple of screws. You should check this cat house which comes with an easily removable roof: Cedar Cat House on Legs for Outside

can this house be ordered with higher than 16" platform?

We have average wither snowfall in excess of 200" and think we might need longer platform legs to maintain cat's access to doorways

Mrs Marlys Terrian
  • We can add 8" more to the legs for an extra $35.00. If you want extended legs, just place your order and write in the comment area you want extended legs. We will send you an invoice for the extra charge.

Where is the back door located, in relation to the front door?

Is the back door directly opposite from the front door?

  • The extra back door option goes on the back wall with the door opening on the opposite side of the front door wall.

Does the escape door use a flap or swing only one way out??
Barbara Davidson
  • The escape door has no flap. If you order a flap for it, we will secure it on the inside from the top of the door frame. The vinyl flaps are solid (not cut into strips)

What are the interior dimensions of the house?

Will it fit 1- large and 1 small cat together?

Deb Gould
  • The interior is 19"W x 18"D, but we can not tell you if it would be large enough for your two cats.

Electric heating pad or straw?

Hi, I am going to purchase the larger cat house but am not sure if I should purchase the heating pad also. Can I use an electric pad with a straw bedding? I don't want a fire but our winters are VERY cold and want kitties to be as warm as possible.

Rosemarie Frey
  • Straw, hay, and wood shavings are all combustible materials, and we would never advise using any of these materials with any heated product. It would be best not to place these materials on a heating pad.

Can 2 cats fit in this one cat house. They are brother n sister and are feral
Christine Corbett
  • It depends on the size of the cats and their personality as well. They should fit inside this house if they are not large and do not fight each other. Please read how to choose the right size cat house in the FAQ section on this page.

Where do u put the food

I need to k off the ground but wher do I put the food

Flap placement rear
How can I order the large house with extra door, but be certain the flap is placed on the rear door?
Harvey Tegeler
  • Just place an order and write in the comments section you would like the flap to be installed on the back door instead on the front one.
Wondering if the deck could be made longer? TY
Judy Kunis
  • Unfortunately, the size of deck can not be changed.
My cat weighs approximately between 12-14 lbs. I'm wondering whether the small or large cathouse would be best? I'd like him to have a little room but I don't want him to be colder in a house that would too large for him.Thank you
Judy Kunis
  • Small cat house should be enough in my opinion, but it is best to check the size of houses carefully and decide yourself because only you know your cat.
Would you give me more details about your Thermal-Ply insulation? What does it include?
  • The insulation is about a half-inch thick and has a foil on one side. We place it on the floor, walls, and ceiling. It is sealed with caulking. 

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