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Here are our current items on sale. These items will change with time. Some of them are being discontinued or are limited to stock on hand. Others are simply on sale for a short time. Don't miss the chance to save money and get some great buys from these items.

Castle Cat Tree House
Hot -9 %
This big and bold cat tree house will thrill any feline friend! Inspired by the natural beauty of the Amazon rainforest, it’s dotted with realistic fo..
309.48 339.95
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Corner Cat Tree Condo with 3 Beds & 5 Scratching Posts
Hot -18 %
At 47" tall, this cat tree condo is a perfect piece of furniture for cat owners with some cats in the home. It will entertain your cats for hours..
85.87 104.95
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Corner Cat Tree Furniture Climbing with 3 Very Soft Beds
Hot -11 %
If you want something more and different for your cat, treat it with a stunning 9 platform corner cat tree furniture from CozyCatFurniture. Specially ..
147.55 165.95
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Discount Climbing Cat Tree with Hammock
-15 %
This discount cat tree is ideal for anyone who wants to treat their cats with something wildly entertaining and preserve the elegant and luxurious loo..
161.48 190.95
FREE Shipping
This double pet step features all the benefits of our Single Pet Step while providing access to higher areas. It is a perfect solution for tiny b..
136.78 150.95
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Double Size Cat Litter Box Furniture
-14 %
This furniture was made to fit not only any AUTOMATED litter box but also the JUMBO litter box, and you will still have enough space to put your cat's..
194.56 224.95
FREE Shipping
Extra Spacious Cat Tree for Big Cats
Hot -10 %
Big cats need big love and more space to lounge and play. This deluxe cat tree is designed with the large cats in mind and features a  hammo..
269.78 299.95
FREE Shipping
Heavy Duty Cat Tree for Maine Coon Cats
-10 %
This deluxe cat tower is a heavy-duty, heavenly spot for every Maine Coon cat to rest and play! Packed with plenty of places to nap and ample roo..
295.87 329.95
FREE Shipping
Multi-Level Cat Tree with Hammock for Large Cats
Hot -11 %
With multiple levels and functions, this spacious cat tree is suitable for several full-grown felines and for large cats. It comes with two plush perc..
118.41 132.95
FREE Shipping
Small Cat Tree with 3 Beds & Sisal Post
-23 %
This 28" tall mini cat tree is the perfect window perch for cat parents with some cats at home. The unit has 3 perches with brown paw prints that are ..
53.56 69.95
FREE Shipping
Wood Cat Tree for Large Cats with Tube & Cradle
New -13 %
This wooden cat furniture for big cats may be small in stature, but it's large in enjoyment for your beloved feline! Fully carpeted with plush cut pil..
104.58 119.95
FREE Shipping
Treat the smaller pets in your family to a terrific two-tier shelter! This fancy outdoor cat house is just what you need to complement your exterior d..
110.76 119.95
FREE Shipping
Ideal for large spaces and multi-cat homes, this cat scratching tree in Black design has everything kitty needs to rest, play, explore, and discover a..
109.23 119.95
FREE Shipping
Cat Scratching Post for Large Cats with Sisal Rope
-10 %
Treat your large cats to this oversized sisal cat scratching post and they’ll be reaching for new heights of enjoyment! The extra-long 41”H post gives..
65.42 72.95
FREE Shipping
Cat Tree Climbing with 4 Paw Shaped Beds
Hot -28 %
Nearly 3 feet of fun, this climbing cat tree provides your cats with 4 paw-shaped beds and 4 sisal posts for easy climbing and endless scratching to p..
69.47 95.95
FREE Shipping
Multi-level Cat Climbing Tree with 9 Scratching Posts
-11 %
This cat climbing-scratching tree features many levels of alternating platforms for easy climbing and plenty of scratching posts to help you keep home..
169.42 189.95
FREE Shipping
Amazing cat climbing tower with so many levels for cats to explore designed to stimulate your kitties' interests and to satisfy all feline's instincts..
179.45 194.95
FREE Shipping
Real Looking Large Cat Tree with Square Base
-21 %
Make your cats happy with this Real Looking Large Cat Tree with adorable style and design. Since cats love to play and explore different places, it fe..
142.75 179.95
FREE Shipping
This cat window perch is suitable for small or medium-sized cats, and you do not need special instruments to attach it to the sill. Its construction i..
61.43 66.95
FREE Shipping
Two Story Outdoor Cat Condo Wooden Kitty House
-10 %
For the cat that needs a little “me-ow” time, this 2-story outdoor cat condo provides the perfect location! Whether you have one cat in the family or ..
139.85 155.95
FREE Shipping
Wooden Cat Tree Perch for Large Cats
New -14 %
Large cats, small cats... this small wooden cat tree is great for all of them! Fully carpeted with plush cut pile carpet in traditional beige color, i..
85.86 99.95
FREE Shipping
Small Modern Cat Tower Condo with Massage Arch
New -19 %
Clean, simple, and convenient for cats of all ages, this modern cat tower condo covers most of the essential needs for your kitty - sleep, fun, and se..
137.52 169.95
FREE Shipping
Black Cat Tree Condo in Contemporary Style
-16 %
This cat tree in a contemporary style is hand made of woven paper rope, which gives it a natural modern look in black/white colors. The condo on the l..
159.72 189.95
FREE Shipping
Eco-friendly Cat Perch Scratching
-11 %
This new cat perch incorporates a simple design and practical scratching furniture in one, and if you prefer natural materials, then it is an obvious ..
49.68 55.95
FREE Shipping
Eco-Friendly Fancy Cat Furniture with Cradle
-14 %
Enjoy every moment in your cat's company and offer her happy moments as well because pets deserve what is best. Cats are sensitive animals. Their mood..
65.25 75.95
FREE Shipping
Small Cat Tree with Lounging Tube
-14 %
Modern design meets feline fun in this sleek and stylish cat tree furniture! Designed to provide a maximum amount of play and leisure for cats of all ..
70.75 81.95
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