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Wooden Cat Trees

Looking for a cat tree that will not fall apart after some months of use? Your search is over. All trees from this category come with solid wood poles. The solid wood makes the furniture extra sturdy, so it’s ideal for big cats or felines that are active and often jump and climb.

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All cat furniture in this category ensures stability and sturdiness. While some wooden cat trees are carpeted, others are cedar wood. Cedar is known for its bug-repellent qualities and durability outdoors, so if you are looking for yard or porch furniture, you’ve come to the right place.

Remember that some real wood cat trees may require a power screwdriver to assemble them as they are made of solid wood. Others will be pre-assembled yet quite heavy due to the sturdy material used. As you browse, read each product’s features to determine what fits your and your cat’s needs best.

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