Wood Cat Trees

Wood Cat Trees
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Sleeper Cube Large Kitten Condo

Your kitties will have lots of fun playing in and out of the many openings ..

$179.95 Ex Tax: $179.95

Window Size Contemporary Cat Tree Sold Out

Window Size Contemporary Cat Tree

Its the most common sight to see a cat climbing a tree when finding itself ..

$319.95 Ex Tax: $319.95

Custom Made Kitty Condo Sleeper Cube

Your kitties will have lots of fun playing in and out of the many openings ..

$166.95 Ex Tax: $166.95

Four Tier Cat Tree Furniture

This cat tree furniture is made with the highest quality materials, and it ..

$355.95 Ex Tax: $355.95

Sisal Cat Clawing Furniture with Platform

This is a 20" high USA hand made furniture with a sisal post for cats to di..

$93.95 Ex Tax: $93.95

Stylish Contemporary Cat Tree with Step Design Sold Out

Stylish Contemporary Cat Tree with Step Design

Cat trees need to offer a variety of levels and heights to match the differ..

$533.95 Ex Tax: $533.95

Two-Story Large Cat Condo

The concept of this condo represents cats' playful and secretive nature. Th..

$154.95 Ex Tax: $154.95

Wood Cat Condo with Large Perches

If your cat uses some room to roam or if she is just plain bored with her t..

$216.95 Ex Tax: $216.95

3 Tier Hardwood Cat Tree with Scratcher

This is a high-quality hardwood cat tree that will look like your home furn..

$419.95 Ex Tax: $419.95

4 Tier Hardwood Cat Tower with Scratcher

This is a high-grade cat tower made with cats in mind. It features four lev..

$488.95 Ex Tax: $488.95

Carpet Wooden Cat Furniture for Large Cats

Every large cat needs a wooden furniture like this. It serves for everyday ..

$229.95 Ex Tax: $229.95

Ceiling-High Cat Tree Furniture

This is an extra large ceiling-high cat tree furniture with plenty of place..

$456.95 Ex Tax: $456.95

Corner Contemporary Cat Tree for Large Cats Sold Out

Corner Contemporary Cat Tree for Large Cats

The households with large cats need practical solutions for satisfaction of..

$264.95 Ex Tax: $264.95

Cubic One Story Cat Condo for Cats or Kittens

Cats adore to act mischievously and to get in all sorts of trouble. To prev..

$79.95 Ex Tax: $79.95

Hide & Play Cat Stand with Nest

Give your cat or kitty a cozy place to play with this cat stand. The large ..

$166.95 Ex Tax: $166.95

High Quality Cat Furniture Tunnel & Cradle

This furniture for large cats comes with just right height for your cat to ..

$156.95 Ex Tax: $156.95

Modern Cat Box Furniture with Cradle

This furniture features one carpet and one sisal cat scratching posts for m..

$157.95 Ex Tax: $157.95

Modern Cat Condo Tree - The Peper

Pur-fect for climbing and scratching our modern cat condo tree features a c..

$182.95 Ex Tax: $182.95

Quality Cat Tree with Four Perches Large Cats

Simple but functional, this large wood cat tree is suitable for cats of var..

$336.95 Ex Tax: $336.95

Sisal Cat Scratcher Perch for Small Cats

This sisal cat perch for small cats features a cozy sleeping nest and scrat..

$178.95 Ex Tax: $178.95

Three Tier Cat Condo Furniture with Cradle & Bed

Multi-level cat condo furniture that is built with quality materials becaus..

$324.95 Ex Tax: $324.95

Wood Cat Furniture Tunnel and Scratching Post

A non-standard wood cat furniture for playing and hiding together with a sc..

$133.95 Ex Tax: $133.95

Wooden Ceiling-High Cat Gym

This ceiling-high cat gym would provide every cat plenty of climbing fun an..

$507.95 Ex Tax: $507.95

Cat Face Kitty Cat Gym

This kitty cat gym has everything a cat could wish for. It features two lar..

$369.95 Ex Tax: $369.95

Cat Face Luxury Cat Furniture

Unique cat furniture that was designed with both cats and home decor in min..

$159.95 Ex Tax: $159.95

Cat Face Wood Cat Furniture

This wood cat furniture is made of high-quality materials and comes on larg..

$172.95 Ex Tax: $172.95

Ceiling-High Cat Tower with Cradles

The search for a robust ceiling-high cat tower has finally come to the end...

$479.95 Ex Tax: $479.95

Deluxe Climbing Cat Tree

This high-quality deluxe climbing cat tree would provide your cats with end..

$467.95 Ex Tax: $467.95

Fancy Kitty Furniture Double Sleeper

Fancy kitty furniture that features a wide stable base, two scratching post..

$199.95 Ex Tax: $199.95

Handmade Cat Furniture with Cubic Condo

If your cat shows signs of boredom occasionally, this handmade furniture wi..

$189.95 Ex Tax: $189.95

High Quality Carpet Cat Furniture

Any cat will love playing on this cat perch. It features sisal scratching p..

$115.95 Ex Tax: $115.95

Quality Wooden Cat Tree Tower

Made with only quality materials, this wooden cat tree tower has every aspe..

$454.95 Ex Tax: $454.95

Small Cat Friendly Furniture with Tray

This cat perch is 24" tall. It has a wide base that ensures stability. Ship..

$139.95 Ex Tax: $139.95

Three Tier Cat Scratching Furniture with Tube

Cradle your cat in comfort with this large cat furniture for climbing and s..

$299.95 Ex Tax: $299.95

Two Tier Cat Friendly Furniture

This nice furniture for cats or kitties comes with a compact design. It is ..

$149.95 Ex Tax: $149.95

Wooden Cat Furniture for Large Cats with Cradles

Give your feline a comfortable place to lounge, scratch or just look out th..

$298.95 Ex Tax: $298.95

Carpet Cat Tree House Furniture

High-quality cat tree that features a house large enough for the largest ca..

$479.95 Ex Tax: $479.95

Cat Face Cat Tower Gym

This cat tower gym is well-suited for several cats at once because of its s..

$411.95 Ex Tax: $411.95

Climbing Cat Gym with Condo

This climbing cat gym has stairs step design that appeals to older or infir..

$198.95 Ex Tax: $198.95

Climbing Cat Tree with Condo Two Story

Fantastic climbing cat tree with two story condo that will give your cats a..

$239.95 Ex Tax: $239.95

Deluxe Cat Tree Tower

With so many cradles, tubes and sleeping places this deluxe cat tree tower ..

$464.95 Ex Tax: $464.95

Fantastic Five Tier Cat Gym

This fantastic cat gym has every aspect a cat would love. It comes with sol..

$499.95 Ex Tax: $499.95

Four Tiers Cat Tower

Nice cat tower that offers a wealth of fun activities for your cats with pl..

$347.95 Ex Tax: $347.95

Kitty Gym Super Sleeper

With wide base which prevents tipping, this kitty gym comes for kitties who..

$334.95 Ex Tax: $334.95

Quality Tall Cat Condo with Curved Perch

This tall cat condo tower is the perfect gift for every playful cat. It fea..

$232.95 Ex Tax: $232.95

The Cat's Meow Cat Gym

The newest gym is really the Cat's Meow....so that is what we named it!! It..

$288.95 Ex Tax: $288.95

Top Quality Large Cat Condo Three Story

This large cat condo is a great resting spot for every cat. It has a fantas..

$362.95 Ex Tax: $362.95

Wooden Cat Condo Tree

This Wooden Cat Condo Tree offers all features cats love - height, condos, ..

$238.95 Ex Tax: $238.95

Wooden Cat Tower Pacific Sleeper

Climbing! Lounging! Sunning! Sleeping! With so many things to do this woode..

$385.95 Ex Tax: $385.95

Carpet Cat Climbing Tree with Condo

This tree is designed to be used by the liveliest cats and can be used by s..

$369.95 Ex Tax: $369.95

Cat Face Cat Scratching Tower

This three-tier wooden cat tower is sure to provide every cat with countles..

$329.95 Ex Tax: $329.95

Handmade Wood Cat Scratch Furniture

If you do not have enough space for a big cat tree, this wood cat scratch f..

$149.95 Ex Tax: $149.95

Large Kitty Climber with Sisal Post

This 49" tall kitty tree comes mounted on our 24"x24" wobble-free base. The..

$274.95 Ex Tax: $274.95

Quadruple Large Cat Tree

This large cat tree is 66" tall and was requested by the cats that like to ..

$389.95 Ex Tax: $389.95

Triple Cat Tree Perch

With wide base which prevents tipping, this cat tree perch is for cats who ..

$282.95 Ex Tax: $282.95

Triple Scratching Cat Tree

This scratching tree is 53" tall and stands on a wobble-free 24"x24" base, ..

$286.95 Ex Tax: $286.95

V-trays Large Cat Perch with Sisal

With durable and fun design this large cat perch will entertain your cat fo..

$169.95 Ex Tax: $169.95

Window Size Quality Cat Furniture

This quality cat furniture is 34" tall and it is ideal for households with ..

$159.95 Ex Tax: $159.95