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Safe and Warm Shelters for Outdoor Cats

safe shelters for outdoor cats

Indoor or domesticated cats are pampered enough and lead a healthy and secure life. But for the outdoor cats winter poses a lot of risks. They are in constant need of shelter.

Keep Home Furniture Scratch FreeKeep Home Furniture Scratch Free

Give your pet a kitty tree or large cat tower and be sure it will exhaust all its energy and will leave your home furniture untouched. Take plenty of physical activity so that any excess energy is used up playing and not scratching.

Cradle Your Pet in ComfortCradle Your Pet in Comfort

Keep your pets healthy and happy and provide them with needed comfort with our pet beds, tents and blankets. We have the beds that sweet pet dreams are made of!

Keep Outdoor Pets Safe Keep Outdoor Pets Safe

Just one wooden pet house in home’s back yard and any outdoor pet will feel safe. Outdoor pet houses provide pets with needed comfort and keep them warm in the winter and cool during the summer.


Happy and Healthy CatHappy and Healthy Cat

You will be surprised how easy is to keep your cat healthy and happy – just provide her with a safe place where to play, rest or just watch outside birds and she will thank you with endless purr.


Learn More about Your Cat

Learn More about Your Cat

People that loves cats will find information about cats, their habits, health, behaviour, care and other useful information for every cat lover


Brighten up Your Home DecorBrighten up Your Home Decor

Our kitty cat furniture are items from essential to items of luxury. They will allow to pamper your pet and treat it like a king, while giving an unique look of your home décor.

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Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower
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Mushroom Sculptured Cat Tree
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Climbing Cat Trees & Quality Kitty Trees

Climbing Cat TreesThe cat trees are tall cat furniture with multiple levels, but they not only have different levels ranging in size, and also have perches, nests, trays, ladders and houses so your cat can play, explore and exercising its natural curiosity. If you are looking for a quality cat tree condo for you loved cat, then you search is over. Try our outdoor cat trees, floor to ceiling cat trees and wooden cat climbers and you will not be disappointed.

Kitty Condos & Cat Tree Condos

Kitty Cat CondosCat condos are really great ways to enrich your pet’s and they are new level of entertainment for cats and kittens. They are giving chance of felines to nap and hideaway in their own place, and make a great place for every cat to play and feel safe. But the kitty cat condos do not only keep our cats amused, they are also great artwork that will brighten your home décor. Our kitty condos are suitable for kitties, cats and even tom-cats. Our cat furniture condos are strong and sturdy, and are great for curling-up, on and in.

Outdoor Cat Houses, Fabric Kitty Houses and Wooden Pet Houses

Outdoor Cat Houses, Fabric Kitty Houses and Wooden Pet HousesCats have a strong need to have a place where they can be themselves, and can rest undisturbed. That is why we offer our Pet Houses selection. You can choose from our indoor kitty houses, outdoor cat houses and cedar pet houses that are made of kiln dried wood or cedar. The stable and cellular structure of wood allows cat houses to withstand humidity and extreme temperatures. Choose from our cat houses and give your cat the needed comfort and independence.

Unique Cat Gyms & Discount Cat Towers

Cat Gyms & Cat TowersThe truth is cats need their very own place like people do whether it is a cat tree, cat tower or just small cat furniture. And if you have enough space in your home and wants to to satisfy your feline’s curiosity and keep it in shape you just need a large cat tower. Browse our quality cat towers and stylish cat gyms with extra cat toys and sisal scratching posts. We assure you best quality at your doorstep with best prices.

More Cat Furniture & Sisal Kitty Furniture

More Cat Furniture & Cat PlaygroundsThe pieces of furniture in our homes have become integral parts of our life and make it easier, more pleasant and more manageable. However, we do not often think about providing furniture for our pets in the same way. In fact cats in particular benefit hugely from cat furniture, not just in terms of general happiness, but also in terms of health. That is why we offer unique cat furniture for every cat or kitten. Cat perches, sisal cat scratching furniture and cat playgrounds for more hiding, jumping and scratching.

Fancy Cat Beds, Heated Pet Beds and Soft Kitty Beds

Fancy Cat Beds, Heated Pet Beds and Soft Kitty BedsCats spend about 70 percent of their day sleeping. Deep sleep appears to be essential for their full health and well being. That’s why from vital importance for every feline is to have her own special place to sleep where she will feel safe and secure. Our cat beds offer warmth, security and comfort for your kitty, cat or small dog. All with unique design, our pet beds are made of the best quality materials.