Cat Houses

Many cats spend time both indoors and out and if you live in an area with cold winters you should provide your felines an outdoor shelter for the cold nights. Our wooden houses for outside use are great abodes for small and large cats, and even small dogs, and help keep them warm in cold weather. The stable and cellular structure of wood allow outdoor cat houses and dog houses to withstand humidity and extreme temperatures. Provide shelter for your outside living kitty because every pet deserves a house of his own as the people do.

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Cedar Cat House with Platform and Extended Roof

Make it fun and safe for your favorite felines to play outdoors all year ro..

$192.95 Ex Tax: $192.95

Insulated Cedar Cat House

This house is designed specifically for a cat - not too big, not too small...

$154.95 Ex Tax: $154.95

Outdoor Cat House on Platform

This outdoor cat house promises days of enjoyment in and around it for stra..

$282.95 Ex Tax: $282.95

Big Cat House with Roof-Top Balcony

With a distinctive design, this pet house features secure place and complet..

$149.95 Ex Tax: $149.95

Extra Large Outdoor Cat House

This insulated outdoor house is big enough to accommodate up to 3 or 4 cats..

$289.95 Ex Tax: $289.95

Innovative Cat House for Outdoor and Indoor Use

This new unique & innovative outdoor cat house is a great snug shelter ..

$129.95 Ex Tax: $129.95

Large Cat House with Platform & Loft

This large cat house is designed specifically to protect your feline friend..

$285.95 Ex Tax: $285.95

Large Outdoor Cat House

Perfect cat house for small, medium and even big size cats. It comes with T..

$197.95 Ex Tax: $197.95

Large Outdoor Cat House with Lounging Deck

This large cat house provides necessary shelter from sun, cold, and moistur..

$267.95 Ex Tax: $267.95

Outside Cat Shelter For House Deck

Cats feel naturally drawn to houses and home comfort. Allow your domestic k..

$243.95 Ex Tax: $243.95

Scratchable Cat House for Inside or Outside Use

New innovative scratchable cat house that can be used both inside or outsid..

$129.95 Ex Tax: $129.95

Wooden House for Indoor or Outdoor Cats

Your little princess deserves only the best and you have to offer her just ..

$95.95 Ex Tax: $95.95

2 Level Outside Cat Shelter for the Deck

Designed two floors this outside shelter will provide much-needed home to o..

$472.95 Ex Tax: $472.95

Biggest Cat House

This is one of the biggest cat houses we offer. It provides necessary shelt..

$299.95 Ex Tax: $299.95

Cedar Cat House with Platform & Loft

You will just love the solid construction and creative design of this outsi..

$209.95 Ex Tax: $209.95

Heated Cat House for Outdoor Use

The ideal place to position this heated cat house is somewhere outside unde..

$83.95 Ex Tax: $83.95

Large Insulated Cat House Double Decker

Wow! That is what your cats will say if you bring this insulated house in y..

$462.95 Ex Tax: $462.95

Natural Wood Kitty Heated House

Cherish your pet because it loves you unconditionally! Take care of your sm..

$125.95 Ex Tax: $125.95

Outdoor Cedar Pet Feeding Stations

Our feeding stations are the perfect solution for keeping your pets food cl..

$207.95 Ex Tax: $207.95

Outdoor Wooden Cat House - Ice Cream

Cats have a strong need to have a place where they can be itself and can re..

$126.95 Ex Tax: $126.95

Raised Outdoor Cat House Double Deck

If you are so fond of your outside or feral cats and want to equip them wit..

$511.95 Ex Tax: $511.95

Soft Indoor Thermo Cat House

Your beautiful kitty is the greatest soul you’ve ever thought about having ..

$65.95 Ex Tax: $65.95

Fleece Kitty Sleephouse

This Kitty Sleephouse is made with MicroSuede and soft fleece. It has hard ..

$64.95 Ex Tax: $64.95

Fleece Thermo Kitty Sleephouse

This Thermo Kitty Sleephouse is made with MicroSuede and soft fleece. It ha..

$85.95 Ex Tax: $85.95

Indoor-Outdoor Extra Wide Kitty House

If you are looking for a house for your cat, or for multiple cats, this ext..

$88.95 Ex Tax: $88.95

Plush Kitty House for Indoor Use

If the pet in your home has pointy ears, cute mustaches, a playful tail and..

$41.95 Ex Tax: $41.95

Vinyl Waterproof Kitty Cat House

This kitty cat house is made with 600 denier nylon with a vinyl backing tha..

$69.95 Ex Tax: $69.95

Waterproof Fabric Cat House

This house can be the perfect shelter for one full grown cat or two kittens..

$82.95 Ex Tax: $82.95

Waterproof Fabric Heated Cat House

This fabric heated cat house is a good idea for owners of cats that live ou..

$116.95 Ex Tax: $116.95

Waterproof Heated Outside Kitty Cat House

Heated house for outside cats made with 600 denier nylon with a vinyl backi..

$104.95 Ex Tax: $104.95

World Largest Cat House

WOW! That is what your cats will think when they see this special pet house..

$378.95 Ex Tax: $378.95

Cedar Dog House Outdoor - The Barn

This outdoor dog house has been conceived with the outdoor dogs in mind, al..

$466.95 Ex Tax: $466.95

Large Dog House - The Mansion

From the sturdy cedar craftsmanship to the stylish touch of a chimney, this..

$512.95 Ex Tax: $512.95